Tom Luginbill’s analysis is about as deep as a kiddie pool.

Tom Luginbill’s hot take, ladies and gentlemen:

One national college football analyst doesn’t believe Nick Fitzgerald and Mississippi State are done with their upsets any time soon. ESPN’s Tom Luginbill expects Mississippi State to continue winning this week at Georgia and said so during his appearance with Frank Frangie on ‘The Frangie Show’ on 1010XL Jax Sports Radio.

The biggest reason: Mississippi State quarterback Fitzgerald. Luginbill believes the elusive Fitzgerald, who dominated in last week’s 37-7 victory against LSU, is likely to cause Georgia’s defense fits in the battle of the Bulldogs.

“If you’re Georgia, the biggest thing you’re concerned about is now you’re going to have to contend with a quarterback in Nick Fitzgerald that’s not a thrower and not just a runner,” Luginbill said. “He’s a dynamic play-maker. He can do it all. He’s the focal point of their offense, so that’s a lot to prepare for.”

That’s a kind of challenge that Georgia hasn’t yet encountered in its meetings with Appalachian State, Samford or even Notre Dame.

“This is going to be the first test against an opponent that brings some real challenges to the Georgia defense,” Luginbill said.

First test, eh?

Dare I bother to point out that right at the moment Notre Dame is ranked 23rd nationally in total offense and Mississippi State is 24th?  Or that Brandon Wimbush has accounted for more total yards than Nick Fitzgerald?

I don’t mind the lazy, uninformed commentary.  It’s people like Luginbill getting paid to furnish it that drives me up the wall.


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45 responses to “Tom Luginbill’s analysis is about as deep as a kiddie pool.

  1. watcher16

    But if he turns out to be right he’s a genius!!


    • Dolly Llama

      All I know is that a couple or four years back, Spurrier called him “Loogie” on national television, and that actually changed my opinion of Spurrier to the better. Tech Man tool.


  2. HVL Dawg

    “I don’t mind the lazy, uninformed commentary. It’s people like Luginbill getting paid to furnish it that drives me up the wall.”

    Hey Luginbill, leave the lazy, uniformed commentary to me and the the GTP porster crowd.

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  3. I thought everyone who went to tech was a certified genius.


  4. The Truth

    Luginbill. Techster. Prick. The End.


  5. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    If Tom Luginbill says it…. ah wtf, he’s a tool. He must be right sometimes, but I never notice it.


  6. Otis Day

    soooo the prick is saying our d ain’t that good…..stoopid


  7. David K

    The outcome of Georgia games this season won’t ride so much on our ability to stop opponents. I think our defense will be just fine and Fitzgerald doesn’t worry me much. Scoring points will be our challenge. If Chubb and Michel can’t get going and our QB throws a few picks we’re in trouble.


  8. DawgPhan

    Here I am providing lazy, uninformed comments for free. everyday!


  9. Mayor

    Luginbill has a 50% chance of being right. If he is then he brags about it. When he is wrong he shuts up about it and hopes everybody forgets–which they usually do. That said, this upcoming MSU game scares me.


  10. Chopdawg

    Fitzgerald ran for 88 yards and threw for 180 against LSU. If he can do that against us, we’re in trouble.


  11. Smokey Joe

    I don’t get why we are getting no respect from any of the “pundits”. We are playing at home and have played roughly the same schedule at MSU, yet we have no shot at winning, come on man!!


  12. Derek

    Why even play the game? We have no chance.

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  13. Uglydawg

    LSU is a train wreck. Still, MSU is a good team.
    Georgia is also a good team. Great D, Very Good STs, and a lot of potential on offense.
    The way I see it is if Georgia’s O line can finally get a push, MSU is in trouble.
    If Georgia’s defense can hold MSU to half of what they got against LSU, the Dawgs will still need three TD;s or Two TD’s and a FG or two to win it. Playing in Athens, with MSU possibly a little dull from the hangover of stomping LSU, it should be quite a game.
    The Georgia Bulldawgs will be pumped-ass-up. Lights out pumped.
    Fitz hasn’t seen this pass rush, and they are going to get after him. Lorenzo and Co. are out to continue making their statement.
    Remember this..we have only seen the basic plays from Georgia’s offense. I think the TE’s show up this week, and with the stable of outstanding running backs Georgia has, the play-fake should work fine. Our TE’s have had good hands in the past…now if those downfield receivers can hang on to a couple..
    I like Georgia’s chances.
    And when/if Eason come on, watch the box loosen up.
    I’d love to see a Swift screen or even a Swift draw.
    Lugie is just silly with his shallow posturing. We don’t need his opinion.


  14. saildawg

    I think what is crazy is that not only is he well compensated for his opinion, but there are people out there putting in real work in breaking down the match ups, and giving more fact based insight for free. As you linked in @RadioWyatt

    Senator if you decide to cut the cord, one of the best bennefits is that you will no longer tune in to ESPN’s array of college football talk shows with their “experts”


  15. 81Dog

    Never mind Luginbill. What do Mark May and Lou Holtzthhhhhhhhh think?


  16. 81Dog

    the last time I recall national media being this united on the prospect of a hot QB who was going to shred us, it was Colt Brennan and Hawaii. “UGA has never seen the kind of speed and accuracy and wide open game Brennan runs.”

    I guess we might as well show up Saturday and see what happens, even though it’s clearly hopeless.


  17. Jeff Sanchez

    Dawggrading in action

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  18. Stoopnagle

    At our house, he’s known as Captain Hero because he reminds us of the character on Drawn Together.


  19. What do you expect from a Tech man?


  20. Tony

    Let’s get one thing straight.

    If Fitzgerald is allowed time to pass and run, this will be bad for Georgia.


  21. Athens Dog

    tech sux………….that is all


  22. The closer we get to this game, the more I think UGA is going to win pretty comfortably. People are WAY too high on MSU and Fitz.


  23. W Cobb Dawg

    Frankly, I am not fretful or frightened of the freaks and frauds who frequent the Frank Frangie Show!


  24. Bob

    MSU is a good football team and Dan Mullen is a good coach. I too am nervous about this one. That being said, LSU is a horribly coached team. Ed Orgeron is a box of rocks with lips. Great recruiter and motivator. Dumber than dirt. That was the least prepared LSU team I have seen in years. And worse yet, they quit.


  25. John Denver is full of shit...

    He still thinks alligator boots are in


  26. Remo Gaggi

    If you permit me…, Tome Luginbille… a ….flawed individual……should not be allowed to give his opinion in a public forum realatibve to any issue of import. There he goes regardless. Only In America………a failed athlete…….is valued by any corporation…..or entity…..he is what is wrong with ‘Merica……Selah. Yaweh beless. La’haim..!


  27. Jt (the other one)

    He is still “smarting” from the whooping we gave him while he was on the flats as one of their long line of inept QBs…