Taking on Todd

I’ve already reminded you that the last time a Georgia team faced a Todd Grantham defense, it had its way with it.  Nick Chubb rushed for 266 yards (an 8-yard per carry clip) as Georgia scored 37 points in a game when the offensive reins got turned over to Brice Ramsey before the end of the first half.

Which got me to thinking about something else.  How has the much-maligned Jim Chaney done facing off against Grantham?  Some of you may want to wipe those sneers off your faces before you continuing reading this post.  Turns out they’ve met twice and Chaney’s more than held his own.

Game one:  Georgia vs. Tennessee, 2012.  Remember that one?  The Dawgs raced out to a 27-10 lead early in the second quarter, only to fuel a UT comeback with turnovers.  The Vols wound up with almost 500 yards of offense on the day, generated more first downs than Georgia and won the time of possession battle.

Game two:  Louisville vs. Pittsburgh, 2015.  All you need to know on this one is that Nathan Peterman threw four second-quarter touchdowns en route to the Pitt upset.  476 yards of offense, more first downs than a Bobby Petrino offense managed and a huge TOP advantage should sound familiar if you read the previous paragraph.

Yes, it’s a small sample size and past performance is no guarantee of future results.  I get all that.  Still, Jim Chaney’s got no reason to fear what he’s going up against tomorrow.


UPDATE:  I don’t know where my head is at today.  Marc Weiszer reminds me of two other meetings, both of which went more favorably in Grantham’s direction.

  • Georgia vs. Tennessee, 2010.  A 41-14 rout.  Matt Simms was UT’s quarterback and he sucked.  UT had less than 300 yards of offense and turned the ball over three times.
  • Georgia vs. Tennessee, 2011.  It wasn’t a rout, but it was much the same story for Tennessee’s offense, as the total yardage was again under 300.  The Vols didn’t manage a touchdown until the game’s final three minutes.

Not so hot.  But then again, those were the SOD years.  Maybe Chaney learned something then.


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14 responses to “Taking on Todd

  1. Heyberto

    I guess what I’d like to see an analysis of.. is how has Grantham addressed ongoing defensive “philosophical” issues. Is he still overly complicated in his schemes? Still not substituting a lot? Still no coherent answer to the wheel route?

    Year 1 in his system was rough for us, confusion ruled as they figured it out. I’m wondering if this week we see some semblance of that. Clearly LSU was in some state of disarray.. curious how much that had an affect and we’ll see some sort of regression to the Grantham mean.


  2. JG Shellnutt

    I remember the wheel route eating us up, certainly.
    I also seem to remember an inside zone read eating us up against Sackerlina, and CTG having no answer for it. In fact, I think there was a back and forth between Spurrier and CTG in the press after the game about NFL experience or something.


  3. Grantham was a buffoon, that lucked out against a soft scheduled in 2011, had NFL talent everywhere in 2012, and was exposed in 2013.

    To my dying day, I’ll never understand Richt saying that he was bringing him back in 2014 for continuity.


  4. Mayor

    Wheel route, wheel route, wheel route, wheel route…………


  5. MGW

    Grantham’s D’s at Georgia were really good; aggressive, frustrating, enterprising. They would also sometimes get completely blown up for 40+ points. In the same season. Looks like they got the latter last week, but which will it be tomorrow?


  6. Dog in Fla

    Sometimes I flashback to remembering him at his best


  7. kfoge

    I cannot recall where I heard it/read it but a ‘talking head’ said that Grantham had simplified his Defensive calls, etc. to eliminate the constant looking at the sideline and not getting set up in time. It “appears” he has learned and changed some.


  8. Cojones

    That update ends up making me feel kinda down concerning Chaney. Kudos for listing it when it goes against the premise of your original post.


  9. W Cobb Dawg

    “But then again, those were the SOD years. Maybe Chaney learned something then.”

    He sure did…Proper showering technique and hygiene. http://deadspin.com/5634089/tennessee-football-team-doesnt-know-how-to-properly-bathe

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