When you’ve got a lot more money than sense

Man, when’s the last time you heard a former athletic director talk like this?

ThatContract was signed on his watch, so “it’s his fault.”

No contract in college football these days has generated as much scrutiny and criticism as the one handed to Kevin Sumlin when Eric Hyman was Texas A&M’s athletic director.

In December 2013, Sumlin signed a six-year, $30-million extension. Guaranteed…

Was ThatContract Hyman’s decision?

“No. I had nothing to do with it,” Hyman told me in an interview on Wednesday morning at a Starbucks near his home in Fort Worth.

“I have done this job a long time and I don’t blame Kevin Sumlin. If someone is going to give you $5 million a year for six years, it would have been stupid of him to turn it down,” Hyman said. “But the contract was given to me, and it was ‘This is what we are going to do.’ I looked at myself and I was stunned.

“I had no say so over it. I’ve been doing this job for a long time. I had worked with Steve Spurrier for years, and he was paid a heck of a lot less than Coach Sumlin. And he won national championships after conference championships. And then you are making this commitment to a person, and again I don’t blame Kevin, that’s never won a conference championship.

“When the original contract was given to me, if Kevin were to leave the next day there was no buyout provision.”

Is this a case of an ex-athletic director covering his behind with revisionist history? On this one, no.

Given Hyman’s history of how he handled coaches and costs plus A&M’s history of an “active board,” his explanation is plausible.

But why would A&M give Sumlin such a deal when there was no need?

“Because people didn’t know what they were doing,” Hyman said.

In a nutshell, ladies and gentlemen, that’s today’s SEC.


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13 responses to “When you’ve got a lot more money than sense

  1. Macallanlover

    No where close to “major league stupid”, ND tore up Charlie Weis’ contract mid-season, I believe they were 7-0, and gave him a 10 year, $3MM contract. That was when no one was making that much, had not even accomplished a single thing, even finishing the year, and got $30MM when a million meant something. I think Sumlin is a better coach, and I know he is a more likable guy than Charlie Tuna.


  2. sniffer

    I looked at myself and I was stunned.

    Happens to me everyday. But I digress. Someone has said here in the past that these boards and directors have come to believe that they are responsible for the insane amounts of money they inherit from tv (and supporters) and that the income will live in perpetuity. So, no bad decisions!


    • I won’t claim responsibility for its origin, but I’ve long contended the AD’s and presidents of these schools are nothing more than Jed Clampett with the major exception that they’re so arrogant that they think they created the oil rather than just having the dumb luck to own the land when it was discovered.


    • W Cobb Dawg

      “I looked at myself and I was stunned.”

      Hyman carries small mirror to check his facial expressions at any given moment.


  3. saildawg

    So which is better? An “active board” like A&M, or a “paper bulldog” board https://www.dawgnation.com/football/dawgnation/special-report-uga-athletic-board-paper-bulldog

    I have no idea


  4. Tybee Dawg

    “We don’t know what we are doing, but this is the SEC and IT JUST MEANS MORE!”


  5. Go Dawgs!

    As someone who doesn’t necessarily love the way Butts-Mehre operates, I’ve got to say I prefer their approach to THIS garbage…


  6. Russ

    I read that and it was interesting. I wanted him to expound on his comment about how college athletics have changed during his tenure and how they don’t necessarily match his values these days. Too much money? Too much cheating? A little of both?


  7. Spike

    It’s only money, Dawg. Easy come. Easy go.