Auburn, they couldn’t have done it without you.

A big thank you is deserved.

Straight seasons with a victory over an SEC West team for Georgia, which hosts Mississippi State on the first Saturday of 2017 with interdivision games. The next-longest active streak for an SEC East team is two seasons with victories over SEC West opponents. In regular-season games over the past six seasons, Georgia has a 10-3 record against the SEC West while the rest of the Eastern Division has a 20-55 record versus Western Division opponents. The SEC West finished with a 9-5 advantage over the SEC East in regular-season games last season after the East won the final four games. Alabama defeated Florida in the 2016 SEC championship game for the West’s eighth consecutive victory in the title contest.

Feel free to keep up the good work.


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2 responses to “Auburn, they couldn’t have done it without you.

  1. Macallanlover

    Don’t see us getting swept by the West this year either. All this East/West divisiveness is over played. If you want to say they have a big edge with Bama, I am in. East has been weaker with KY and Vandy playing their traditional roles, but they have stepped it up this season. Unfortunately, Mizzou has slipped to the bottom. West is better, but the East has closed the gap in 2017. Doesn’t matter anyway, no easy road to Atlanta for either side, still the best conference in CFB.


  2. Mayor

    What is the West’s advantage if you take Bama out of it? Minimal I’m thinking.