Aaron Murray plays eleven-dimensional chess.

I guess the Dawgs were man enough last night.


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  1. ChiliDawg

    He can piss up a rope. Hope the ESPN job he was auditioning for was worth sacrificing his dignity to ignore the obvious talent disparity in a farcical attempt to look “unbiased.”


  2. Granthams replacement

    Mmmmmmmm crow


  3. Tronan

    Murray knows from personal experience how UGA has flopped worse than “Gigli” when the spotlight shines bright. I’ll give him a pass for doubting the Dawgs and credit for owning up to his own dawg-grading.


  4. Cojones

    Somehow, Aaron’s pick didn’t faze me before or after the game, especially after returning to the feeling that he still tosses the ball around for UGA in the guise of Fromme. Jake has the same affect on me when he is in the game that is similar to Murray being there – relaxed and waiting to see the show. Murray is one of our great alums that will never make me think negatively of him and his Dawg heart.


  5. So do people really think that thinking a team will lose is the same as wanting them to lose???

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  6. D as in Dawg

    I agreed with him. Wasn’t sure how we’d do against SEC. We are good. It’s still early, but I have never seen such a sound, disciplined team all around from the Red and Black. They look good enough to beat anyone. I think the young OL might be too much to overcome this year against Bama, but even so, they’re knocking on the door of greatness. Hope they keep it up because it is fun to watch!!


  7. Good grief! He was making fun of himself after the game. To the people who moaned or booed when he was introduced on the field last night, you can pi$$ off for all I care.


    • Cojones

      You could get the idea that those “boo birds” never watched Murray and the hits he took while continuing to lead the team to win after win. If they can forget Auburn’s hits (most of us never will and we will get pleasure each time we beat’em) plus other times Murray could hardly pull his body up straight, not go to the bench and continue tearing their asses up; if they can forget the SECCG and how close he pulled us to a natty vs ‘Bama, then don’t waste any more time waiting to pour a drink or two over their heads. I’ll back you up as soon as I can after you yell “Blutarski!” as loud as you can.


  8. Greg

    Pat Dye imitation?? ….was my 1st thought when I first read his prediction.

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  9. Debby Balcer

    Aaron was and is a DGD. He was there to support his team last night. Most of you protested that ou Holtz and Herbstriet are homers from the way the support their teams. He did not put down his team. He celebrated the win with the team. He does have to earn a living.


  10. cali_dawg

    Fans who pitched fits about Murray on this are so goddamn embarrassing.


  11. The irony of this fan base being upset that a former player picked us to lose isn’t lost on me. We take pride in telling everyone how bad we are.

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  12. CB

    “They played a Notre Dame team that I don’t think is very good. The other teams they (Georgia) have played, they have looked really good, but they have not played a good team yet. They have not gone up against a good defense.” AM

    This is hilarious. Murray basically just described 90% of his career victories at Georgia. Dude literally fell apart against pretty much every good defense Georgia came up against during his tenure ie Florida an Sackerlina lol.