Returning to the Field of (Broken) Dreams

After Georgia’s last two trips to Neyland, and the carnage left in their wake, I’m apprehensive about the team’s health after this Saturday’s game.

Nick Chubb’s excited.  Somehow, I’m not surprised.


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  1. SCIllinois

    But the people kneeling during the anthem!>!>!>?!??!!!!!!! (jk, sorry, couldn’t resist… SB, feel free to delete if you feel this derails an otherwise interesting comment section).


    • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

      I don’t think anything can be more distracting than that boner pill ad the ad people are running. Not sure why they think any of us would be interested in such as that. They must be reading some of these posts and drawing some conclusions. 😉

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  2. Jared S.

    I want a W and I don’t how we get it. I don’t care if it’s close either. In fact there’s a huge part of me that we win on a Hail Mary in 3OT.

    That being said. My dream scenario is crushing them in 31-3 fashion behind 200 Chubb yards and 3 Chubb TDs.

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  3. Granthams replacement

    I’m ready for the vols to get choked on a Chubb rammed down their throat.

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  4. Biggen

    If UGA can get a lead early, UT will fold. Their coach is already teetering on the precipice of being fired and the players know it. We may be able to get them to quit if UGA can get rolling early like they did for Miss St.

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  5. Ginny

    Over/under how many times his injury is mentioned during the broadcast…

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  6. Legatedawg

    The results of our last two visits to Neyland Stadium have caused me to dislike Tennessee more than our traditional rivals these past few years. 49 years ago when I was a sophomore at UGA, the Dawgs opened on the road in a nationally televised game as underdogs against the Vols. Much was made of the then new artificial turf which they had installed for the game, “tartan turf”, I believe they called it. Three-four weeks later various players on our team were fighting off boils and low-grade infections caused by tiny fragment from UT’s crap turf which broke off on collision with the players’ bodies and got embedded in their skin.

    Hopefully this year their field will be in better playing condition than it was for our last two visits, Senator. You may recall that towards the end of the 2015 season, the Vols got publicly called out by members of the North Texas team who played there in November and expressed their astonishment that an alleged big-time CFB program provided such a poor excuse of a playing surface. Tennessee announced a program of off-season maintenance shortly thereafter. We will see.

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    • Mayor

      I’m convinced that UT under Bootch waters down the field and let’s the grass grow on purpose to slow down the other teams’ speed. That has the side effect of causing knee injuries. I wonder if UT players wear longer cleats to negate that?


      • Uglydawg

        …and they know where the field is soft and avoid it on plays. If you know the ten yards adjacent to sideline from, say, the 20 to the 50 on the home side, you run your plays the other way. Wet spots. Booch will know where they are and work around them.
        (I don’t really know this, but it’s possible. A HS coach in Georgia was famous for this kind of stuff. Once had to postpone a game because he got it so wet it was unplayable. Some of you know who I’m referring to.)


    • …and if I remember correctly, UT enjoyed a very fortuitous bounce in the end zone off of that Tartan Turf that day.


  7. kfoge

    It doesn’t matter what the score is, for Booch its not about Wins in a trivial football game, because he and UT are undefeated in the game of Life.

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  8. kfoge

    and by game of Life, I mean the board game with the spinner and you choose college or career paths. He has never lost playing that game. 🙂

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  9. RLJ

    I want just a W against Auburn and Florida, but I want to see the decimation Tennessee. I want to see the stands empty by the start of the 4th quarter.

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  10. UGA85

    There are some worrisome signs about this game. Firstly, Butch has won the last two vs. UGA, with middling teams. Secondly, he has created the “us against them” mentality at UT by letting Umass hang around last week; the team will probably believe they are playing for their coaches’ job this week. Thirdly, we are coming off a nearly perfect game vs. State, and that certainly cannot happen twice in a row. Throw in the crowd, field, etc., and there could be some drama. I will take an ugly, “gut check” kind of game with a last minute defensive stand if necessary. I do think this game is their season, and they will be playing with real urgency and desperation. Just my two cents.


  11. These are great comments…LOL….land of the toothbrush…LOL


  12. Rocketdawg

    Nick needs to set the SEC single game rushing record this weekend.

    Seriously, Fromm shouldn’t throw one pass. Tell the Oline to get lathered up and knock those buttchuggers back to the Stone Age


  13. South FL Dawg

    Bricks are starting to look like dominoes…

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  14. Turd Ferguson

    As long as we win, and the Neyland turf doesn’t #takeaknee, I’ll be happy.