Wedge issue

Sounds like Kirby Smart’s bought a ticket or two.

That’s what happens when you design your stadium seating for midgets.


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17 responses to “Wedge issue

  1. “That’s what happens when you design your stadium seating for midgets”

    The problem is your fan base is made up of Junior and Lulu.


  2. 79DawgatWork

    Having sat in both the third-row from the field and the last row on the upper deck, I can tell you the place is a dump from top to bottom… What’s even more disconcerting than the noise though is when they shoot off the fireworks and you can feel the stadium shake a bit!


  3. If you watch today’s press conference, watch the last question. Kirby definitely channels his inner Little Nicky.


    • Mike Cooley

      He’s been doing that a lot. People criticized Kirby last year for “trying to act like Saban”. Pretty clear to me that the reason he was able to work so closely with Saban for so long is because they have a lot in common.


      • I think it irked people last year because he seemed to act put out … sort of the “I don’t have time for this s***” attitude … especially when the team wasn’t playing well.

        This one was straight out of “The Process” manual. I got a good chuckle out of it especially given the challenge he knows he needs to deal with this week’s preparation.


  4. 3rdandGrantham

    Kirby knows UT well – he was being figurative, not literal,as UT fans are among the fattest in the country (along with AU, IMO).


  5. Scorpio Jones, III

    Turbulent times in Obknoxicator. Plastic trash cans, champions of life…Butch’s grasp on his best job ever is slipping. Desperate times call for…well you know.

    I would not get too excited about U Mass. Pretty clear UT could not have cared less.

    Beating Georgia…again, would give Butch some breathing room. Trust me, we will have their attention.


  6. Cosmic Dawg

    No love for that awesome headline from you people?

    That’s comedy gold.


  7. Cousin Eddie

    They are it fans so by definition they are mental midgets