Tight. Very tight.

I mentioned in yesterday’s Power Poll that Bert currently possesses the most constricted sphincter in the SEC West.  That being said, I’m not sure they make a pin slender enough to drive up Booch’s ass right now.

At yesterday’s presser, someone in the media asked him about a story that one of Tennessee’s players was hurt in a scuffle with another teammate.  That brought this bizarre, epic response.

And here’s the transcript:

“I think we have to understand what do we want out of our media? This place, with the drama — and again, these are kids, and I think we all have children and we’re all adults. Are we focused on Tennessee football from a recruiting standpoint, from all the positive things we’ve done, from all the positive things this football program brings to the community, this great fan base … are we in the reality world of TV?

“And I think all of us as human beings have to self-check ourselves. And you may not like that answer, but I’m a father. I have three boys. And I think we sometimes have to put ourselves in a role of a parent as well. And I understand you all have jobs to do. My expectations as the head football coach, I’m the caretaker of Tennessee football. I’m here to develop and grow the football program, recruit the best possible student-athletes to represent the University of Tennessee and win football games and graduate our players. That’s my responsibility. I take that very seriously.

“But also, I love our kids and I’m going to protect our players and I’m going to protect our program. And sometimes the negativity is overwhelming. If everyone is Vols fans, how do we let our opponents use this in the recruiting process with fake news? And sometimes, again, we have to check ourselves. What are we here for? What’s our values and principles that guide our life every single day?

“And I appreciate everyone in this room. You guys have a job to do and I’m respectful of that. And I’m friends with a lot of you guys in the room and I appreciate it. But also there comes a certain time where enough is enough. So, thank you. You guys have a great day. I look forward to seeing you on Wednesday. Go Vols.”  [Emphasis added.]

Evidently what Booch wants out of the media is a recruiting assist.  That’s gonna happen.

Although I do think “What are we here for?” has some real potential as the next big catch phrase for Tennessee football.


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47 responses to “Tight. Very tight.

  1. Aladawg

    It’s been an epic week for SEC coaches to firmly plant their feet in their mouths. I wonder who’s next. These guys have really become millionare prima donnas.


  2. It sounds like Sgt. Carter’s Champions of Life with the 5-star hearts and the brick wall are sensing the impending doom that late September and October have in store. I know Kirby and Company had the team focused in on last week after the MSU/LSU game, but based on the press conference yesterday, I think young Coach Smart has had this game circled on his Day Planner for a year. Buckle them up, gentlemen of Georgia. Let’s go north the next 2 weeks and rain down revenge on Knoxville and Nashville.


  3. Athens Dog

    It doesn’t seem possible to have a letdown on either game. Especially given the way we lost both last year. I’m cautiously optimistic.


  4. Jack Burton

    “I’m not sure they make a pin slender enough to drive up Booch’s ass right now”



  5. ATL Dawg

    I started laughing about 24 seconds in.


  6. 81Dog

    Maybe Butch is going to start remodeling trash cans into 5 star bomb shelters. Saturday is coming, Butch. Get ready to ride the lightning!


  7. Daniel Simpson Day

    Booch would be better off if he let the Dasani do his talking.


  8. BWD

    He sounds like a guy who just wants out but can’t admit it.


  9. CPark58

    The dumpster fire is looking to reignite in Knoxville but beware, wounded possums are the most dangerous possums.

    Unless of course you shut that sh*t down out before it starts…hard…with a shovel…


  10. Heyberto

    I think he needs a translator


  11. Dawg in Austin

    He seemed strangely prepared to make that statement, odd as it was. Was there a previous story leaked on the injury that we missed? Such a strange dude.


    • Macallanlover

      The answer is yes. A local station had been threatening to expose a big story about a divided locker room, including a fistfight that may have injured one of the key Vol players plus insinuations that Sgt Carter favors select players due to both personal ties, and recruiting promises. No idea how true but several fans on the message board claimed to have verification of the divided team and unrest. Add the “fire Butch” chants at last week’s game, the empty seats, and you have a hot mess in Knoxville. I am sure he will work hard to rally the team to an “us against them” mentality for Saturday, the question is, has he already lost the locker room? Lot of smoke in the Smokies these days, my TN fans seem both concerned, and resigned, about their chances.


  12. Hogbody Spradlin

    He did a fair job of burying the accusation in BS.


  13. John Denver is full of shit...

    That is obviously his clone having software programming issues at a presser. The real Butch Jones was in the locker room eating boiled peanuts.


  14. Mayor

    It would have been much simpler to say “no comment” and move on the next question.


  15. Got Cowdog

    Booch is coaching for his job this week after winning the last two against us? Kirby and the boys can send Booch on a well financed extended vacation? I’m conflicted. Booch is a character (spell that C-L-O-W-N) and I think the Vol’s will be an extended dumpster fire as long as he is in charge. That makes me happy. On the other hand, The Dawgs owe them a couple, and this team looks like last years team’s Big Damn Brother that got pissed off while he was doing a stretch at county and is fixing to get some back. That will make me happy too.
    What is a Dawg supposed to do?


  16. 3rdandGrantham

    I refuse to make fun of him any longer until we beat him. We should have won both in ’15 and last year, yet somehow they manged to come back and get the W. It’s like your less athletic, dorky little brother with a bad haircut who lately has been beating you in 1:1 basketball. At some point you have to stop making fun of how clumsy he is until you actually manage to beat him.


    • Got Cowdog

      You are correct. If the Vol’s win Saturday i will need to consume massive amounts of crow. You have any recipes to recommend?


  17. Spike

    The dude needs some decaf.


  18. dawgman3000

    That dude currently has the mannerism of being constantly constipated.


  19. The Truth

    The UT Hail Mary last year is Jefferson’s car, and the Dawgs are Jefferson.


  20. JPDawg



  21. DawgFlan

    “The first rule of UT fight club is…”


  22. AusDawg85

    After carefully reviewing the transcript, North Korea believes Booch has just declared war on them.


  23. truck

    This afternoon, Butch announces he will assign two admin staffers to prohibit potential recruits from reading Knoxville media reports.


  24. Nashville West

    Did Booch really call himself a “caretaker ?” That was actually a remarkably candid admission.
    From Websters:
    “Definition of caretaker
    1 :one that gives physical or emotional care and support served as caretaker to the younger children
    2 :one that takes care of the house or land of an owner who may be absent
    3 :one temporarily fulfilling the function of office a caretaker government”

    Take your pick, 1. or 3. or both.


  25. truck

    Butch stole his newest slogan from this guy:


  26. Russ

    Epic indeed. He is doing this “for the children”, and he even broke out “fake news”.


  27. saildawg

    Anyone else uneasy about Saturday? Seems like 2 years ago we went to Knoxville and the rumors were that Butch would be fired due to off filed fighting between teammates. Or it may have been the horrific cover up of him calling a decent human being on his football team a traitor for being a decent human being. We promptly got up on them and pissed it away. It seemed if he lost that game, he would be fired. Too many similarities here for me.


  28. Debby Balcer

    Two years ago injuries beat us.


  29. Dog in Fla

    In the early years, Butch often sat in his room filled with Buccaneer booty. But Butch is now living in a distant part of the village where there was no joy and happiness but only fake news


  30. Mike Cooley

    Might I suggest a lexicon entry inspired by Butch’s rant? Milesian-When a coach makes lapses into wild, incoherent rambling to a degree that it a comparison to Les Miles can come close to doing it justice. “Butch Jones ‘s rant was so bizzare that it can only be described as Milsean.”


  31. Mike Cooley

    We should win this one walking away. However, I am concerned that Butch will bullshit his players into rallying to save his ass. But I’m not as worried about that now as I was a few days ago. I think Kirby is going to have the Dawgs ready to rain down vengeance on Butch and his marks er players. And I get the feeling the vowels are tired of their bullshitter coach’s bullshit.