Urnge you glad they’re playing a top-10 opponent?


Lose this game, Dawgs, and it’s gonna be embarrassing.  Epically embarrassing.


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5 responses to “Urnge you glad they’re playing a top-10 opponent?

  1. lakedawg

    Probably the worst big uringe team on both sides of ball we have faced in many years and of course Booch. This could be remininece of the 1981 game were we should bury them in that crappy turf

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  2. Greg

    Probably a reason for that, they were ranked lower than they played most all those times. Overrated stat imo…thinks it is gonna be another tough one at Neyland.

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  3. Nashville West

    It probably should be noted that 8 of those 24 losses (1/3) were to bama. But 0-16 is still pretty bad.


  4. Dave

    I don’t see Indiana or Tennessee winning this weekend, not that that’s a stretch.

    That Tennessee defense is brutal against the run, and not just because of the Tech game. I was watching that UMass game intently. UT is not nearly as athletic as used to be, and especially not with all the injuries they have.

    I’m expecting this to very slowly get out of hand. One of those games where it feels close for a while, but by the 4th quarter you realize Georgia is up by 17-21.


    • Macallanlover

      I can like it unfolding that way, sold! You are right about their run defense though, there are cracks and creases to exploit.