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Miss you, Larry.

I’ve wondered if Munson reacted to being wished a happy birthday the same way he did to being asked to assess the next Georgia game. “What’s happy about it?  Do you realize, etc.?”

They broke the mold when they made him.  We’ll never hear his like again.



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The genius has a moment.

Whatever you think of Paul Johnson, this is a pretty good “there but for the grace of Gawd go I” sentiment.

Of course, let’s not overlook that Tech is leaving Russell next year for… Adidas.


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Red and black snowflakes

Let’s hear it once again for our classy fan base.

Aaron Murray was excited last weekend, scheduled to do the traditional “calling the Dawgs” before Georgia’s game against Mississippi State. Murray and fellow former Bulldog Verron Haynes were listed on a pregame sheet included in materials passed out to the media.

But a couple hours before the game Murray was scratched. Literally. A communications official came by and scratched Murray’s name off those sheets. No reason was given. The initial word from UGA was that it was Murray’s decision.

Actually, according to the record-setting former Georgia quarterback, it was UGA that made the call. The school was worried about backlash over Murray picking his team to lose the game to Mississippi State.

Murray, speaking on his weekly podcast with former teammate Drew Butler, said he got a call Friday night from someone at UGA, who he declined to name.

“We think we might need to have you postpone you calling the Dawgs for another opportunity. We’re going to let Verron do it on his own,” Murray said he was told. “So I was like, Listen if you guys think it’s the best, then that’s fine with me. A little disappointed. But the last thing we wanted as a headline was, ‘Aaron Murray gets booed calling the Dawgs.’ Even it was a couple people you know the paper was going to pick it up.”

That’s pathetic.  (And, yes, the school is gutless, but that’s another story.)  Here’s someone who stayed in his last home game to run another dozen or so plays after suffering a career-ending injury and that’s the best we’ve got for him?

Then again, given previous, noble moments like this, I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised.  Just embarrassed.  Sorry, Aaron, a damned good Dawg deserves better.


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So you’re saying there’s still a chance?

Incredibly, Jim McElwain said Wednesday he has not closed the door on the return of any of the Credit Card Nine, which would, of course, include Antonio Callaway.

I wonder if the wheels of justice can spin swiftly enough to get Callaway back in time for the Cocktail Party.  Actually, I don’t wonder all that much.


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“You know what? I could coach them to nine or 10 games a year.”

Why, oh why, does the AJ-C continue to waste bandwidth on the crotchety ramblings of Fran Tarkenton?  He’s like that dotty uncle about whom you feel a little guilty over not seeing more than once a year until he shows up for Thanksgiving and reminds you why you don’t.


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Great moments in execution

If you’re looking for the polar opposite of the precision teamwork leading to that Chubb touchdown run, look no further than this clip of what turned out to be a one-yard loss on a Florida passing play against Kentucky.  (Make sure you have the audio on, because the commentator’s tone of disgust will add to your viewing pleasure.)

As inept as that was, don’t lose sight of the fact that the Gators won that game to go 2-0 in the division and are still ranked in the top 25.  The SEC East is a bit of a mess this year, ain’t it?


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When it all comes together is a beautiful thing to watch.

In a year already filled with terrific plays — Godwin’s remarkable one-handed grab in the Notre Dame game quickly comes to mind, as does Bellamy’s and Carter’s efforts to wrap up that game — I have to say that Nick Chubb’s second touchdown run against Mississippi State stands as my favorite play of the season.

One reason for that is, like many of you, I had thrown in the towel on the Wild Dawg staying in Chaney’s playbook.  The primary benefit of the formation isn’t that there’s an option component to it; it’s that there’s an extra blocker for the runner.  That Georgia couldn’t generate anything positive out of that suggested there were severe execution problems that weren’t fixable.

Indeed, I was relieved that we never saw the formation in the Samford game.  It turns out, though, they were indeed working on fixing those execution issues, because this play is as close to being perfectly run as you’ll ever see.

I’ve watched this play a dozen or so times now.  Beautifully designed, it’s that mesmerizing. Unlike Fromm’s two touchdown passes, there’s no trickeration involved.  It’s simply about getting a hat on a hat, being more physical than the defense and getting out of Nick Chubb’s way.

Well, maybe there’s a little more going on than that.  First of all, as Taylor notes, the backside blocking is different than the blocking at the point of attack.  If you didn’t think Georgia’s offensive line was capable of walking and chewing gum at the same time, you may need to rethink.  There’s also the exquisite timing involved in Chubb putting Jayson Stanley in motion, not as an option with the ball, but to hit MSU’s outside man with a crack block at just the right moment.  Which he does.

From there, Payne and Wynn do the rest to part the Red Sea and Chubb is off.  There isn’t a wasted step from anyone involved in that play.  There’s a balletic precision to the line’s footwork; if you’re still doubtful about Pittman’s coaching skills, rerun the clip a few times.

It’s damned impressive.


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No favors

Gary Danielson had this to say about Alabama:

“It will be an upset if they lose a game,” Danielson said. “It’s going to take a B- effort by Alabama and an A effort by an opponent in the SEC to beat them.”

In other words, you don’t beat ‘Bama without a little help from ‘Bama.

Unfortunately, ‘Bama isn’t in a helping mood lately.


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You’re starting to freak me out, man.

At seventh nationally, Brian Fremeau’s FEI had the most favorable preseason outlook on Georgia I found, so it’s not like I wasn’t expecting to see good things there after a 4-0 start.  Still, I wasn’t ready for this.  Gulp.

By the way, don’t quit once you see where the Dawgs stand.  Check out Notre Dame.


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