The genius has a moment.

Whatever you think of Paul Johnson, this is a pretty good “there but for the grace of Gawd go I” sentiment.

Of course, let’s not overlook that Tech is leaving Russell next year for… Adidas.


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6 responses to “The genius has a moment.

  1. MGW

    Thats exactly the kind of public endorsement we’ve been paying your school the big bucks for all these years. Thanks Paul.

    Russel Athletic


  2. Go below the linked article and see where some picker has selected us to not cover the spread against Ewe-Tee. Lock of the week, he says.


  3. 81Dog

    Paul will be lighting Cohibas with 100 dollar bills next year and going private room with Cheetah girls 3 at a time when the Adidas money starts rolling into the Flats. In the meantime, he’s hoping everyone remembers his upright defense (such as it is) of propriety today, and pays no attention to his upgraded lifestyle next year. It might work.


  4. WarD Eagle

    Was disappointed when AU left Russell. Good company and a long term relationship.

    Is everything $$?