Chicks dig the long ball.

Me, too.

I just wish Smart would hire a real quarterbacks coach.  You know, somebody who played the position… yada, yada, yada.


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  1. If we could use Mr. Peabody’s Wayback machine I believe it would show his (Fromm) completion percentage would be through the roof had his receivers caught balls that hit them right in the hands. This young man is only a freshman, his ceiling can not be seen


  2. Greg

    Sorta like….I wish McGarity would have hired Tom Herman, someone that has been proven??


  3. Hogbody Billy Martin

    And Shea Patterson starts making the calendar until 2019 NFL draft.


  4. Russ

    So, should we through it deeper more often, or is this a case of surprising the opponents with well-timed deep throws?


  5. PaloAltoDawg

    Yeah seems to me that on a couple he hung it up there pretty good and the receivers were able to wait on it or out jump the defenders. They had separation in part thanks to the run. Still, though, stats are stats and his timing presumably will continue to improve.


  6. Cojones

    Think about everyone that we heard from before he walked on campus nailed it pretty close when they were touting him as the guy who could do just what he’s doing now. In his mind, that has never changed and he could give a shit whether he’s naturally that way and how much of it is coaching. We are just the observers who haven’t a clue as to what he can achieve naturally. On a scale of 0 – 10, he’s about two notches above what I expected production-wise, but right on cue for his top capabilities to shine.

    Somewhere, before he took this team on his shoulders, seems like he was in that stupid Spring Game doing just what he has been doing. Speaking of that, never again will Bluto talk me out of the importance of QBr in the Spring Game. 🙂

    Dawgs vs Hounds: Respect’em Dawgs, give the kid your cover protection on O as well as D. Maybe we would like to see him have a chance to carve up that secondary nicely before we have the track meet. I don’t expect too much this game until about half. Patience, he’s only a Freshman, you know. Then yall can SIC’EM!


  7. Jack Burton

    This is such a beautiful follow up to the previous post hahaha


  8. ASEF

    Fromm is a great fit for this team’s SOP.

    Someone’s D is going to force the SOP out of its comfort zone, and then we will see what we have on offense. But it’s a really good problem to have.

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  9. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    I am wondering if the throws were 20+ yards or the yards gained were 20+. Not sure how far the ball was thrown on the flea flicker, but a lot the yardage was Godwin running after the catch, and MMS biting on the run. Nothing wrong with that and I am not complaining, but perspective is also useful.


    • Jack Burton

      The stat is passes completed 20+ yards down the field. Meaning the catch is made 20+ yards from the line of scrimmage.