And everywhere was a song and a celebration

Mike Leach in victory is the best Mike Leach.



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14 responses to “And everywhere was a song and a celebration

  1. Greg

    LOL!!….the SEC needs this guy, just not in the east.


  2. Ed Kilgore

    Still amazes me that Leach was at Valdosta State for four years, under Hal Mumme. Why didn’t I go down there and catch a game or ten?


  3. Mayor

    Wazzu’s win over Southern Cal last night was really big for Leach and his program. Wazzu is now the favorite to win the PAC 12 North and a spot in that conference’s championship game. Win that and the Cougars are the PAC 12 champions and likely in the playoff. Leach has a team that is really tough to beat. They play good D (for the PAC 12 at least) and on O they attack the whole field. Really difficult to defend. I hope Georgia gets a chance to play them later this season. 🙂


    • Macallanlover

      What? Wazzu favored over Washington in the North? I don’t know by whom. But it was a great win by WSU, saw Leach’s Woodstock comment live when he said it around 2:15 this morning, made me laugh out loud as tired as I was. Glad he finally put the USC is great meme to bed. They were the worst team in last week’s Top 10, voters just hanging onto their summer predictions and not watching them on the field. Wasn’t much of an upset. Wazzu defense is the big story for this team, they aren’t great but better than Leach has had in forever.


  4. Cpark58

    If this guy is made for TxAM.



  5. McTyre

    Love The Pirate. As big a chip on the shoulder as Paul Johnson but he’s got a sense of humor and doesn’t whine about competitive disadvantages with the big boys.


  6. 81Dog

    Loved the clip from the locker room, postgame, where Leach said, “honestly, we should have beaten them by a lot more.” Then notes WSU played harder, better, longer, and just kicked SC’s ass. Way to call it like you see it, Pirate Mike! Even Spurrier was never that casually blunt, was he?


  7. 69Dawg

    LSU would love this guy. Best thing to hit the bayou since Jon Lafitte sp.


  8. South FL Dawg

    Meanwhile Craig James is living in obscurity and Texas Tech hasn’t been as good since Leach was fired.


  9. Russ

    I loved his halfime interview:
    Sideline reporter: “USC is supposed to be a second half team…”
    Leach: “So are we.”

    End of interview.