Strange days

Welcome to today’s FSU-Wake Forest meeting, where winless Florida State takes on undefeated Wake Forest in a game about which FSU safety Derwin James says, “This is probably one of the biggest games. I feel like this is a very important game and a key game that we need to win.”

Year’s already getting weird, folks.


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5 responses to “Strange days

  1. Brandon

    A good sign. Weird years are often good to Georgia, 2007 was the weirdest I can recall and we finished AP No. 2.


  2. sniffer

    Richt dropping f’ bombs (multiple?), Wake-FSU, UGA gettin some national love? What’s next? Derek becoming likable? Cosmic and Charlotte seeing something they like about The Dawgs chances? Chili helping an old lady across the street? Blutarsky becoming a Republican?


  3. Macallanlover

    Strange indeed. But Wake’s dream season begins to crumble today. FSU a wounded animal, too many athletes and too much defense for the Deacs to pull this out. Not calling for a blowout, but don’t expect the Noles to be 0-3 in the morning. While it sounds silly, this is a huge game for FSU, and they take care of business against a WF team that struggled in Boone last Saturday against Appy.