The hits just keep on coming.


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  1. Gregdog63

    I mean…WTF just happened?! Kool-Aid here I come. Next stop on the 2017 Revenge Tour, Vandy!


    • rchris

      We’re playing well but don’t drink the Kool-Aid just yet. Our victory over Miss State doesn’t look quite the same after seeing what Auburn did to them and seeing that their victory over LSU doesn’t mean anything. Tennessee hasn’t been world beaters this season, they had a lot of players injured, and they turned they ball over 4 freaking times. They also dropped several potential interceptions. I have great hopes for this team, but I agree with Kirby that they need a lot of improvement to win the SEC.


      • Cojones

        We don’t post sober here after a victory like this. 🙂

        Although I just became a believer, I agree fully with your post. It isn’t cautionary, it’s reality.


  2. Cpark58

    I said it earlier in the week….apocalyptic ruin…

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  3. Derek

    What might it have been had Fromm been on?

    Our freshman qb played like a freshman and we crushed them.


  4. Fromm throws the ugly interception and UT gives it right back. Then they played Rocky Top at half-time because they didn’t have a reason to at any point in the game. Last time they were shut out by 31-0 to FU in 94. We had something like 40 carries for 260 yards rushing from the end of the first quarter on. We’ve given up 6 points in 3 games.

    As a Georgia fan, I’m well versed in poor mouthing and especially in waiting for something bad to happen. These aren’t the Dawgs I’ve known for 40 years.


    • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

      No joke. When Fromm threw that INT my stomach sank and I thought it must be midnight and the coach is going to turn back into a pumpkin. But then, bippity-boppity-boo, UT gives it right back to us. This defense really is special; they will keep us in any game we have left. If the offense can keep improving the sky’s the limit. I’m thinking tomorrow’s bullet points post will need be two volumes.


  5. Nothing is given but this is a pretty special team am this could be a special season if we can clean the offense up.


  6. CVegasdawg

    It’s great to be a Georgia bulldawg!


  7. Irwin R. Fletcher

    Anytime you beat a team so bad that the recaps are referencing losses in a season that was vacated because of WWI….well, that’s something.

    It’s that moment where you say, “oh…this is what it feels like.”


  8. Jack Burton

    Porkchop express saw this thing a comin’.

    This defense is special. UT and Miss St are garbage, but guess what? We treated them as garbage. We are giving up 1.5 points a game in SEC play. There’s not a team left on the schedule who is capable of scoring double digits on us as long as Quon stays healthy. I haven’t witnessed a MLB this dominant in my lifetime. The recent Bama greats like Ragland and Hightower are close but Roquon’s speed puts him a notch above. The discipline of this team is very special. Special.

    How bout them dawgs!?!?


  9. ZeroPointZero

    More special with Peyton and Fulmer there to witness the beat down in living color.


  10. MadeThisAccountforThisPost

    This is the greatest tweet I’ve ever seen.


  11. Dawg19

    Nothing says, “Our quarterback played like a freshman today” like our backup quarterback playing most of the fourth quarter in mop-up duty.


  12. Yurdle

    With this defense, offense can roll the dice and we can still win and win huge against teams like TN. There’s room for Fromm to grow (a lot) before he can pull the team to victory, but the team is built so that it doesn’t need a world beater at QB to take care of bidness–and that’s a credit to coaching, not a knock on Fromm.

    But Jax? Auburn? Atlanta? We are likely going to need more. Getting this team here has been really good work by Smart & co. Greatness is still possible but we ain’t there…yet.


  13. Mike Cooley

    Am I the only one that just isn’t quite ready to buy the Auburn hype? I don’t think they are a bad team by any means but this “best team evah” stuff is weird. They want no part of our defense.


  14. Mike Cooley

    Oh I don’t disagree with that. But I sure don’t think we need to be scared of them. Between now and then they might get better but so will we.


  15. As everyone dawggradws our victories over Miss. State and UT is anyone paying attention to the fact that beating ND at home was actually much more impressive than we realized at first? O yeah, Florida’s fluky win at home over UT looks like really weak sauce at this point…..just beat Vandy.