So much for the “Dan Mullen is a genius” talk.

Reality setting in is a first-class beyotch.


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16 responses to “So much for the “Dan Mullen is a genius” talk.

  1. Spike

    Reality always bats last.


  2. Mayor

    It turns out that Missy State wasn’t as good as the media said. Auburn beat them about as bad as the Dawgs did. We can expect a tough game from Auburn.



    UGA and AU on the road back to back, maybe two teams in the Country could handle that, and I have doubts about that..


    • merk

      Add in a huge momentum swing for the team of beating a supposedly good team (which was based on years of history) and then getting crushed by an actual good team. Also, Auburn got TG with a flea flicker too, which is just funny.


    • Derek

      They didn’t just lose though. They got curb stomped. 0-2 was likely. Getting beat a combined 80-13 is bad even if they’d played at Bryant Denny two weeks in a row.


  4. Smackdown round 2 – unless Mississippi State is going to go full Baylor, that program will always be a middle of the road program. They are the USCe of the West. At least some in Starkville accept their place in the SEC.


  5. Cojones

    For whom the cowbells toll.

    Worse than the back-to-back beatdowns, LSU loses to Troy. MSU’s wins keep deteriorating and brings our wins back to average teams we beat. Looks like we have to go looking for bigger game(s).


  6. According to Fitzgerald, MS had a bad week of practice before the AU game. Those bad weeks of practice are starting to take their toll.


  7. Russ

    What I learned last night is that LSU is terrible, hence MSU wasn’t that great. Oh, and Auburn is looking very strong.

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  8. Mike Cooley

    I promise this is the last time I will bring this up but the same people who are dismissing the strength of our win agai st Miss State on the basis of Auburn beating them the way they did are using that same game as a reason to be worried about Auburn. Do y’all not see the hole in that?


  9. UGA85

    It looks like some coaches have been underestimated. Namely, Kirby and Gus. Mullen is a good coach who makes the most of his talent. Is he the second best SEC coach? Kirby rapidly is earning that distinction.


  10. The Truth

    The tale of our season going forward will be how our offense does against very good to great defenses. If we stay on the same trajectory, those two tests will be AU and Bama in Atlanta. Our O has to improve for me to think we will win either of those games, although we’re in AU’s head about like the Gators are in ours, so I count that as an intangible plus in the AU game.

    Bama, however…