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You’re gonna like this.

Bill Connelly’s percentile performance ratings for the Tennessee game:

  • Offense:  78%
  • Defense:  97%
  • Overall:  95%

You’ll probably enjoy the Vols’ numbers even more.  Put it this way — remember the Nicholls game?

Scroll down and there’s plenty more to take in.  Jake Fromm’s success rates in standard vs. passing downs for the season mirror what I mentioned for the Tennessee game.  He may not be consistent, but, relatively speaking, he is clutch.

WARNING:  Bill’s special teams numbers may make you wet your pants.


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Nighty-night time again.

Mizzou will play under the lights.

I’ve had a couple of emails asking if there was any chance of a GTP tailgate get together this season.  This might be a good occasion for that, if there’s sufficient interest.  Let me know in the comments.


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Now, that’s the way to spin.

GATA, Kirby.

You can take the Georgia man out of Alabama, but you can’t take Georgia out of the Georgia man… or something like that.


UPDATE:  That may be as much for the team’s benefit as it is for ours.


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Run the damned quarterback, Kirby.

In a shocking development, Georgia’s head coach spurns the advice of numerous online roster advisors and plans to use practice to evaluate which of Eason or Fromm should start.

I don’t know if we can trust a head coach with judgment like that, to be honest with you.


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“It wasn’t as bad as we originally thought.”

I suspect we won’t be seeing Mr. Thompson until the Cocktail Party.  Considering how the d-line looked in his absence Saturday, the opposition for the next two weeks followed by the bye week, I can live with that.


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“It’s going to be a rough two weeks.”

I know I risk coming off like a heartless bastard for what I’m about to post, but I don’t see how you can write an article like this without mentioning this.

Nobody likes hearing dad or hubby criticized publicly, but that comes with the territory, especially when the address is in the $4 million a year zip code.


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I should probably quit posting these.

They’re starting to numb my brain.


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