Now, that’s the way to spin.

GATA, Kirby.

You can take the Georgia man out of Alabama, but you can’t take Georgia out of the Georgia man… or something like that.


UPDATE:  That may be as much for the team’s benefit as it is for ours.


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28 responses to “Now, that’s the way to spin.

  1. Bright Idea

    Kirby is getting better and better with the media. Why promote Bama when you can mention Erk? Of course 5-0 takes the edge off the questions.


  2. The Truth

    This may be the most PR-, media-, average fan-friendly statement he’s made since he’s arrived. Winning both relieves and adds to the pressure.


  3. Hillbilly Dawg

    The green light is given. The Junkyard Dawgs are back.


    • Just Chuck (The Other One)

      Next thing you know, someone will design a t-shirt.


    • Mark

      Nah. The original Junkyards – the 1975 defense, if I recall correctly – was nothing like this one. That defense couldn’t stop anybody between the 20s. nobody. Teams ran up and down the field all day on the original JD defense.

      Until they got inside the 20. Then, forget it, they weren’t getting into the end zone. If you wanted to score on that defense, you’d better do it from long range. Because you certainly weren’t going to do it from 20 yards in.


      • paul

        That personality and the bend but don’t break philosophy behind it lingered for a few years. The Junkyard Dawgs were very adept at creating turnovers once an opponent got towards the red zone.


        • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

          This. I can remember thinking that I could predict when a turnover would happen. They were very opportunistic. I’d like to think this team is very good physically, and also opportunistic.


  4. If Kirby keeps dancing with the DAWGS like he did after the ut win he may soon have blood running down his face. A great look for Erk, not so much for Kirby. Then again…


  5. Granthams replacement




    Hearing Mizzou 19:30 on SECNET


  7. Hillbilly Dawg

    Kirbys Junkyard Dawgs. Good ring to that


  8. Russ

    These Junkyard Dawgs will Kirb-stomp you!

    (and yes, I stole that one. h/t to whoever came up with it.)


  9. Cojones

    Call’em the way they play: The Hard-ons…uh…too early?


  10. ChiliDawg

    I see comments coming across as a whisper of a suggestion that we call them “junkyard Dawgs.” Hell, as far as I’m concerned there’s no controversy in it. These are junkyard dawgs if there ever were such a thing. Doubt Erk ever fielded a defense more dominant.

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  11. Mayor

    Go you hairy Junkyard Dawgs!!!


  12. 69Dawg

    The reason they were called Junkyard Dawgs was because Erk was always getting the leftovers. Dooley would put the real athletes on the offense and leave Erk the rest. He being the supreme motivator said they might not be the best but they were mean as a Junkyard Dawg. It stuck and they were. I don’t know if these kids have any idea what a Junkyard Dawg is but here’s hoping it sticks.


  13. Godawg

    Kirby’s K-9s.