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And here we go…

I’m not surprised that several University of New Mexico football players knelt during the national anthem at halftime of their game against Air Force, becoming the first college football players to do so.

What I am surprised about is that somebody decided to have the anthem played at halftime, despite both head coaches agreeing not to do so.

Normally, college players are still in the locker room when the national anthem is performed before games. But because of weather-related delays both before and during the game, the anthem was not played prior to the opening kickoff. Instead, it was played at halftime, which was reduced to five minutes. Because of the reduced length of the halftime period, both teams stayed on the field rather than returning to the locker rooms as normal.

Lobos coach Bob Davie said he hadn’t been made aware that the national anthem would be played at halftime, let alone that any of his players would choose to kneel.

In fact, he said, he and Air Force Troy Calhoun had agreed that no national anthem would be played at all.

“I’d like to have the opportunity to visit with our players, talk about what our stance would be, unified as a football team,” Davie said. “I kind of got shocked by that.

“I wouldn’t want to judge or have too much of a critique, at least speaking from my standpoint, as far as a total football team. Because in fairness to them, I never really talked to them about it.”

It’s almost like somebody couldn’t stand leaving well enough alone.


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Christian who?

Jeez, I don’t know if you’ve seen this, but check out the stats on Stanford’s new running back.  They’re mind-boggling.

Put it this way:  by himself, Love ranks 21st in D-1 team rushing.


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A coach with his finger on the pulse of his team

Booch actually said this after 41-0:

After the first home shutout since 1994, one can wonder how much longer Jones can continue as “the caretaker of Tennessee football.”

Jones’ caretaker status has met its match as his players have taken on the mentality of their head coach.

Jones clearly doesn’t have a firm grasp of what’s happening, saying “we had a good week of preparation” after the loss to Georgia.

“I thought our kids were ready to play,” Jones said.

Then, there’s this deep, deep moment of Zen-like insight.

“I think it’s an accumulation effect,” Jones said of his offense. “When you have opportunities to make plays relatively early in the game, and you don’t, you lose those opportunities.”

It’s no wonder Barnhart says Jones’ fate is complicated.


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SEC Power Poll, Week 5


Billy Beane: The problem we’re trying to solve is that there are rich teams and there are poor teams. Then there’s fifty feet of crap, and then there’s us.  — Moneyball

Okay, that may not be a perfect description of today’s SEC, Billy, but it’s not that far off.  There’s Alabama, then there’s Georgia and Auburn, then a few teams that will finish above .500… and then there’s Ole Miss and Missouri.

  1. Alabama.  Gary Danielson said during the broadcast that he could see Georgia challenging Alabama, but, like the rest of us, that was before he saw the first half of the Ole Miss game.  ‘Bama is simply on a different planet from the rest of the conference.
  2. Georgia.  After that ass-whuppin’, the least they could do is present Kirby Smart with the trash can as a trophy.
  3. Auburn.  Stidham appears to be rounding into shape, which means the Gus Bus is, too.
  4. Florida.  It’s hard to believe that Florida deserves credit for a solid win over Vanderbilt, but that’s where we are.
  5. Texas A&M.  Another example of where we are:  the Aggies have a legit chance of finishing 9-3 now.
  6. Mississippi State.  It’s not you; it’s LSU.
  7. Arkansas.  The Hogs beat the Aggies.  No, not those Aggies.
  8. Kentucky.  Does anybody really care where I rank the ‘Cats?  I sure don’t.
  9. South Carolina.  Once upon a time, there were people who thought the ‘Cocks were ready to challenge for a division title this season.  No, really.
  10. Tennessee.  All that’s left to play for is bowl eligibility and Booch’s job.  Both of those seem to be close calls.
  11. LSU.  Just when I thought nobody could suffer a more embarrassing loss than Tennessee, along came the Tigers.
  12. Vanderbilt.  What was supposed to be a stout defensive squad has given up 97 points in its first two conference games.
  13. Ole Miss.  I think we can safely say the “gritty bunch of players overcome NCAA adversity to win” dream is dead and buried now.
  14. Missouri.  It’s a shame Ole Miss isn’t on the schedule.


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Don’t look now…

… but somebody’s gaining on the SEC’s rushing leader.


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Selling out

On the other hand, when I saw this happen during the broadcast of the ‘Bama-Ole Miss game…

… I knew any semblance of a competitive season Ole Miss was hoping to have was toast.

Hope the hookers were worth it, Hugh.


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Buying in

Let Sony Michel explain.

“It definitely feels different,” senior running back Sony Michel said. “It’s different because of the culture change.”

Go on.

“Last year, it wasn’t what guys expected. It wasn’t what guys were used to. A lot of decisions coach (Kirby) Smart was making — as a player, if something is hard, your natural instinct is to be defiant and not want to do it. But once you buy in and it works, it’s fun.”

There had to be some hard feelings over Richt’s departure, but that seems to be water under the bridge now.

This is what having fun looks like.


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Fabris Pool results, Week Five

No perfectos, but another tiebreaker this week.

Selection Name
Tie Breaker Game
1 WiscySour Adj 8-2 8   27-30**
1 melj_go_dawgs Adj 8-2 8   17-28

Congrats to WiscySour!  (Nice handle, by the way.)

The seasonal race is still a tight one.

Selection Name
1 DvilleDawg 36-14 36
2 whb209 35-15 35
2 CParker 35-15 35
2 Ghost of UGAVI 35-15 35
2 WiscySour 35-15 35

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