Gallows humor is the best humor.

This piece makes fun of Booch from the header and never slows down.

Then, it was dinner, and time for the Liberty Bowl’s high school player of the week, who just happened to be Cordova’s four-star offensive lineman Jerome Carvin, who just happened to have spent last Saturday visiting Tennessee.

“What impressed you?” asked Liberty Bowl’s Harold Graeter.

“Georgia,” someone quietly cracked.

He’ll be here all season, folks. Try the veal.



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20 responses to “Gallows humor is the best humor.

  1. The Truth

    Just. Brutal.


  2. DawgFlan

    He is not going to get fired, he is going to be freed to find a better life, with $10M for the journey. He has looked completely miserable, and in 4 years, when he is leading some American conference to 7-8 wins a year all will be well in his world. Free Booch!


  3. ChiliDawg



  4. That article sounds like it could have been written in the AUC after Edwards and Bobo went down in 1995 … I cannot imagine how Booch holds on (unless he does the unimaginable … beat Bama) especially when recruiting is the only positive he can really point to. The wolves are out on the recruiting trail, and no one is going to be able to hold them at bay. The Vols are still wandering in the wilderness.

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  5. Cojones

    I’m continuing to laugh during this post. “Georgia” is more dry humor than gallows, but it works in both descriptions.

    Did anyone get a glimpse into how he and their fan base felt by remembering our Ole Miss game last year?


  6. Scorpio Jones, III

    Fuck Bullshit Butch and the trash can they rolled him in, in.

    Vandy scored on Bama….on Bama!!!!


  7. JPDawg

    That last paragraph.

    “Jones shook some hands and posed for photos before leaving. Half a dozen fans formed a line. It may not have been the love that Jones was looking for, but it’s about all that’s left.”


  8. Bright Idea

    Either Booch’s recruiting really hasn’t been all that great or the injuries have wiped out the studs. Nobody writes that the coaching staff has been a revolving door under Jones or why so many guys get hurt. Those are the real reasons he’s not doing well. Laughing at his dumb cliches is easy, but the job is clearly too much for him in every facet.


  9. JCDAWG83

    I can think of lots of worse fates than being given $10 million severance from a $4 million a year job at a program that has run far off the tracks over the last 9 years. UT’s problems are much deeper than Butch and Butch can have a good life away from that mess.


    • David K

      Yeah, Tennessee was a hell of a lot better when they were getting a ton of talent from Atlanta and North Georgia. The Goff and Donnan years were very good for Tennessee. They may grab a few studs here and there and occasionally put together a good class, but there’s no way they can consistently recruit on the same level as Georgia, Bama, Auburn, Florida, etc. The rise of South Carolina from a no-name to a mid-tier SEC program has hurt them as well.


      • Normaltown Mike

        I seem to recall that back in the 90’s, they were the only school in the SEC that allowed students to remain eligible after they dropped a full time course load and became a part-time student.


        • 69Dawg

          This is true. I had a friend whose kid went to UT and I asked her if that was just for the football players and she said no. You could literally drop a class before the final no matter what your grade was and be given an incomplete in the course. Your grade point average remained the same. I wonder how many A students at UT just kept dropping until they got an A.


      • ChiliDawg

        You hit the nail on the head, and a quick visit over to vol nation will reveal that they simply don’t get it. Vol fans still think Tennessee is a premier destination for a head coach and football players. Objectively speaking, I’ve been to most of the SEC East campuses and a couple of the West, Knoxville is the least appealing place of all I’ve been to. They don’t have the in-state talent base. What highly touted recruit is going to choose Knoxville over Athens, Auburn, Tuscaloosa, Lexington or Nashville for that matter? I rate Knoxville as only slightly above Starkville on the list of shitholes I’d never want to be stuck in. So if you don’t have the in state talent to compete with Georgia and Alabama, and you don’t have anything more appealing than what Georgia and Alabama have, how are you going to compete with them?

        Tennessee fans have the expectations of Alabama fans and the prospects of Kentucky.