Testy, testy

I didn’t realize that Derek Mason was another coach suffering from a swollen sphincter, but here he is with some coaching advice for Kirby Smart:

“Listen, we can quit with the coaching dramatics,” Mason said.

The post-game snark looks like it can write itself, potentially speaking.



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  1. Just Chuck (The Other One)

    Just a guess but Mason may be thinking he has something to worry about in this game.


  2. 81Dog

    Who is Derek trying to convince that he sees right through Kirby here? Wouldn’t the correct answer have been, “Beats me, ask Kirby. We just have to prepare for both of them. Guess we will see on Saturday.” As if it was a matter of little consequence.

    Someone may have to call Butch at UT. I bet he has a tractor, sounds like they might need it in Nashville to pull that nail out of Derek’s ass this week.


  3. I think Derek knows the red and black woodshed is headed to Nashville this weekend. He knows they stole one last year, and this year they won’t be so fortunate.


    • 92 grad

      Yeah, he watched the film breakdown and attempted to make a game plan, and now he’s grumpy. Going to be one of those “got to work on blocking and tackling” weeks up there.


  4. 1smartdude

    I’m not sure its advice, he seemed more like he was cutting to the chase when asked about which QB he would prepare for since Kirby hasn’t came out and declared who his QB is going to be going forward. Kirby’s in a tough spot in my opinion. While it’s great to have confidence in either QB, you have one who seems to have gained the confidence of the team but I don’t believe the other is going to sit and wait either. I go back to the end of the recruiting process, dad started looking elsewhere pretty quickly when Richt was let go, I expect that same process to be repeated if Eason doesn’t take back over when completely healthy. The difficulty for Kirby is trying to keep both there because depth could be a serious issue. Loyalty just isn’t what it used to be any more, especially for a QB who thinks he has NFL type skills. It’s a multi-million dollar decision in his mind.


    • 69Dawg

      No doubt Kirby is walking the tight rope right now. If Eason starts they had better win or Kirby will reap a whirlwind. If Fromm starts we better win because well we are GEORGIA.


  5. Normaltown Mike

    coaching dramatics?

    He hasn’t seen “Any Given Sunday” with Al Pacino.


  6. 69Dawg

    Oh cut him some slack, he has heard this a thousand times before in the same situation. He also knows that UGA is going to do what UGA does and who hands it off to “The four horsemen” matters not to his defense.


  7. Spike

    What the hell is he talking about?


  8. ChiliDawg

    Watch Kirby start Eason just to make him look like an ass.


  9. 69Dawg

    The only clear advantage either QB has is Fromm can run but Eason can throw it further. They both have had their problems so as long as the defense plays well and the offense can run the ball it matters not.


  10. David K

    I agree with Mason here. This is Fromm’s team. Eason will get mop up duty for the remainder of the season. If Kirby starts messing around with the QB situation now he’ll be making a big mistake. Even if Fromm does some really dumb stuff and throws a few picks I think Kirby will give him some rope.

    I think Eason thought long and hard about burning his medical redshirt season he had going this year. He’ll be somewhere else like Washington State next year.

    I think Justin Fields goes elsewhere due to the Fromm situation. He’s not going to come here to be the next DJ Shockley. We’ll sign a few other less heralded guys who will play as backups the next 2+ years.


    • Jack Burton

      If anything has been proven by this year, if Fromm continues to start, it’s that Fields could come in and possibly win the job next year no matter who is in front of him.


  11. addr

    Somehow I think it’s less about gamesmanship (although I’m sure Kirby would use it to get an edge, given the man he learned under), and more about a message to the players. He has repeatedly said that they evaluate playing time based on practice, so what kind of a message would it send to name a starter before even half the week of practice is over? It’s not like he’s come out and named a starter even when Eason was injured.


    • David K

      I agree. Kirby was asked about the QB position but his answer applies to anyone. You could ask him about Roquan at middle linebacker and he’d tell you every week we compete to see who will play and no starting position is guaranteed. It’s coachspeak. This is Fromm’s team now.


  12. kckd

    A little out of context when you read the whole quote. Pretty complimentary overall.


    • “I mean he’s not fooling me, if that’s what we’re doing here.”


      • Derek

        “I truly believe our guys are going to get to work today, hammer out the plan over the next couple of days, and we’ll have something for Alabama,” [head coach Derek] Mason said.


      • kckd

        Yeah. KIrby gave him a response at the practice PC. “Derek Mason is entitled to his opinion,” Smart said. “But he’s not at our practices, he doesn’t watch our practice tape that I know of, so I’m not really concerned with those comments.”


  13. Normaltown Mike

    I say we start Ramsey…if only to punt on 1st down.

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  14. 3rdandGrantham

    I’d like to hear how testy Butch is today. Not only does he have to suffer over the 41-0 loss for 2 weeks, he just lost two of his top commits today as well, including a 5 star OL from his own backyard.


    • Cojones

      Someone here said there was a rumor that Butch has been fired, but I can’t find it anywhere. The poster could be correct and they haven’t announced it yet since that fits into a bottom line quote I saw twice that Tenn is actively looking for Jones’s replacement. That meant to me that he has been fired.


  15. AusDawg85

    After a lackluster week of practice, Kirby will decide to change things up and start Bennett to run the option. Don’t recall where he got that idea from…


  16. TampaDawg

    If Mason wants to take a stick and poke Kirby with it in his press conference I’m ok with that….a slightly pissed off head coach during the week should translate to more intense practices leading up to the game….hopefully Mason takes another subtle jab before the game.


    • 92 grad

      Lol, yeah, lets piss off a coach that gets off playing physical man ball. Our D is going to eat but I hope they don’t draw a bunch of targeting penalties.


  17. Jared S.

    There are several things I find I like about all this:

    1) It’s obvious that an opponent’s HC is annoyed
    2) I actually believe that CKS is determined not to make up his mind on QB until seeing both his top guys in practice
    3) As has been said many many times already….. either QB choice would probably be great….and I find that I totally trust whatever CKS/Chaney decide.

    What a great place to be.


  18. TMC DAWG

    Hey Mason Don’t. Mess with Kirby! He will bite you!


  19. Macallanlover

    I don’t see this as snark at all. Over 90% of opinions I have heard address this decision have basically said “slam dunk” you go with the hot hand and what is working. And most of the few dissenters are UGA fans who are more hung up with star rankings than results. I think Mason expects to see #11 trot out for the 1st series on Saturday, as do I. Not a great deal of difference in prep anyway, he just spoke honestly.

    I do think KS will work Eason in for some live action work, and not necessarily just in mop-up duty. He may also do it again against Mizzou. I think I would. Marry the on-field results with what you see at practice, and you have the FU starter later this month.


  20. Jesus. I hope we drill Mason and keep the pedal to the floor just for this.

    It’s time to really lay one on them.