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More Dawg stat porn

The hits just keep on coming.

By the way, if you’re looking for an early lead on the next HOT NAME, keep your eye on UTSA head coach Frank Wilson.  He’s a former Les Miles assistant, so he knows the SEC wars, and he’s doing a solid job in his first run as a head coach.



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Mark Richt has lost control of his won-loss record.

Things went worse in his last game than we thought.

Screenshot-2017-10-4 Georgia firing Mark Richt has worked well for the Bulldogs, Kirby Smart, Miami and Richt

Well, Jim Donnan will be the first to tell you that you can’t keep losing to Georgia Tech.


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Come together

Let me see if I’ve got this straight.  Since its embarrassing home loss to Troy, LSU football has had the following:

  • A players-only meeting on Saturday after the game;
  • A meeting between Ed Orgeron and the team’s offensive leaders on Monday;
  • Another players-only meeting after that; and
  • A meeting between Orgeron, athletic director Joe Alleva, offensive coordinator Matt Canada and defensive coordinator Dave Aranda on Monday.

When does anybody there have time for practice?


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Pattern-matching, discipline and Roquan

Georgia’s defense is such a well-coached bunch.

The comparisons between how LSU defended Mississippi State and how Georgia did are particularly instructive.  I noted before the MSU game that if the Georgia defense didn’t maintain discipline on the edges, they would get eaten alive, just as LSU’s was.  They did and they weren’t.


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You know what’s an unfair fight?

Your typical big school athletic director versus the likes of Jimmy Sexton.

Routinely, agents are fleecing big school athletic directors who, once they have zeroed in on their man, drastically overestimate the chance that he is such a wild success that he would be hired away by one of a few programs, while drastically underestimating the chance that the coach fails and will need to be fired.

In addition to the pressure to get the hire made and being far too overconfident in it, athletic directors often have little incentive to push back on large buyout numbers. Why? A football hire is the most important hire an AD will make. And if it fails, the chance that the AD is himself fired is quite high. At that point, the huge buyout is the problem of the next AD.

Additionally, agents are typically much better at negotiating than athletic directors.

Throw in the money flow that’s seemingly on automatic pilot, and there you go… rubes playing with other people’s money.


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“We’re just doing what we’re doing a little better.”

Ah, don’t be so modest, Kirby.  This is a big deal.

If Georgia football players wanted to forget about last year’s red zone woes, Kirby Smart made sure in practice they didn’t soon forget.

The Bulldogs coach shouted out some dismal national rankings from 2016 during red zone drills to remind players how far they had to go.

“That’s kind of a thing for us to overcome,” wide receiver Terry Godwin said. “We don’t want to go back to that last year. We want to be the best team in the red zone offense and defense-wise.”

The defense has gone from 113th to 17th nationally, but that’s another story for another time and par for the course this year for what’s turned into one of the top defenses in the nation.

On the other side of the ball, Georgia is a perfect 19 of 19 on red zone chances this season, making it one of 12 teams nationally to get points in every trip from the 20-yard line and inside.

What I love about this isn’t so much that offseason attention has led to in season improvement.  That’s something we saw happen under Richt, too.  What we also saw under Richt, though, was that as one gaping hole would get plugged, another breach in the dam would crop up elsewhere.  So far, that hasn’t plagued Kirby’s team.  That’s how you get better and, more importantly, stay better.


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“Welcome to the Historical Basketball League”

This appears to be an interesting experiment brewing.

Welcome to the Historical Basketball League, the first national basketball league for college students that will substantially compensate college athletes based on their athletic ability. The HBL is founded on a simple idea: college sports are popular because they are sports played by college students, and that NCAA-style amateurism is a means of excluding athletes from the financial benefits of the league, rather than as a benefit to fans or athletes. The HBL will be also be a financial boon to the Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) that will comprise the schools in the league. The HBL hopes to give schools and athletes an option outside of the traditional NCAA model.

There’s a lengthy FAQ section at the website that addresses a ton of issues we’ve raised in the comments here about student-athlete compensation.  The organizers have also just issued a statement about the FBI investigation of college basketball and Title IX that’s worth a read.

I have no idea whether this works out, of course.  Running it through the cash-strapped HCBUs is a sharp idea, but there are a lot of boxes that have to be checked before it’s a viable option — after all, agreeing to pay players is one thing; actually having the financial wherewithal to pay them is entirely another.

Regardless, it’s still an interesting experiment, if only to provide an environment that may answer a bunch of questions that are raised regularly about compensation.  Keep an eye on this.


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Managing the game managers

I don’t think handling the starting quarterback situation is as important a task for Smart as some do — what would the world be like without quarterback controversies? — but I don’t think he’s ignoring it, either.  The main thing for him is to be transparent with both Eason and Fromm… not to mention their teammates.  And it sounds like Smart’s on the mother:

Smart on the quarterbacks this week: “They’ve both been great. They understand the situation. We have talked to them and explained the situation. They both completely understand, and they see it from our perspective, the team’s perspective.”

Derek Mason may not care, but Kirby Smart does.


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“But you know what? Number two’s not bad.”

No, he’s not.


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“I always approach it as I’m my own worst critic.”

Really?  I wonder what Booch has told himself about the trash can.


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