“I always approach it as I’m my own worst critic.”

Really?  I wonder what Booch has told himself about the trash can.


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14 responses to ““I always approach it as I’m my own worst critic.”

  1. 81Dog

    He really IS his own worst critic. As in, he has the worst understanding of his situation of any of his critics.


  2. Mayor

    The trash can is a metaphor for Booch as a HC. The fact that he uses it and let’s some kid parade it around on the sideline shows a he has a blind spot the size of the Grand Canyon.


    • Jared S.

      It’s a metaphor, but not a perfect one.

      1) The trash can is too nice. I think it’s a Rubbermaid, which is like the gold standard of trash cans. Let’s not insult Rubbermaid.
      2) It should be a rusty dented old-school trashcan like Oscar the Grouch lives in.
      3) It should have flaming poo inside.


  3. OrlandoDawg

    He hasn’t seen what they’re saying about him on Volnation.


    • Normaltown Mike

      worse than that, his wife goes on there as RockyHOTT88 and refutes any attacks on Butch as being “Grade A – Bullshit!” and that “firing Butch would be the stoopidest thing we could ever do”


  4. Yurdle

    I’ll give him a run for his money.


  5. W Cobb Dawg

    So instead of yelling “Pyle! You lamebrain! You knucklehead!” he’s now looking in the mirror and yelling “Booch! You lamebrain! You knucklehead!”


  6. ClydeBoogie

    Hey Senator remember the opening of the old show The Wide World of Sports. Could be another name not sure. They had this opening line The thrill of Victory and the Agony of Defeat! Butch’s agony is pretty strong these days.


  7. Muttley

    In order to even compete for being his own worst critic as of now, he’d have to be on message boards posting profanity and borderline-death threats against himself for several hours a day, and calling in to talk radio to attack himself, and organizing boycotts and pledges not to contribute or attend another game until he’s fired.

    As it is, I’m sure Mrs. J. is having trouble protecting the kids from the horrible things their father is saying about himself. I heard that so far he’s trashed his front yard, burned himself in effigy, and made hang-up calls to his own home until he had to have himself blocked.


  8. birddawg91

    The critic side of him ought to be able to see he is his on worst enemy!