Pattern-matching, discipline and Roquan

Georgia’s defense is such a well-coached bunch.

The comparisons between how LSU defended Mississippi State and how Georgia did are particularly instructive.  I noted before the MSU game that if the Georgia defense didn’t maintain discipline on the edges, they would get eaten alive, just as LSU’s was.  They did and they weren’t.


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  1. Dawg Vegas

    I was so in love with our defense first few years of BVG, but I worried about when he would leave, and the aftermath.

    If coach Tucker ever leaves, I have confidence CKS will know what to do. I’m falling in love all over again, without the fear of future abandonment


  2. None

    Senator, have you seen the video created by former MSU QB Matt Wyatt breaking down some key plays in our game?

    He’s also breaks down our effort against ND as well on his page.


  3. Bob

    Key moment in “discipline ” came early in App State game when Bellamy and Walker got caught crashing and not containing. If you go back you can watch Tucker/Smart rotate in order to get Their Message across to those two. They seemed to have gotten the message. Since then our outside presence has created and/or set the edge for containing the mobile QBs Dawgs have faced.
    Thankful a teaching moment came early, rather than in Jax.


  4. Cojones

    Anticipation by Tucker had to be spot on and with players making good instinctive moves for the ball using their own savvy demonstrating that they have been taught well, puts that D speed to the ball as the cherry on top( much like their helmet appearance).

    What’s been most interesting to me has been the secondary’s training that becomes instinctual when the ball hits the opponent’s WR’s hands. Someone is going to be good enough eventually to lay that ball into a tall high-pointing WR such that our guy has a distinct disadvantage for that kind of play. First, they will have to have a great QB as well as good and tall receiver(s) with consistent play to make that happen cause these Dawgs can elevate with exquisite timing.


  5. The Truth

    “Smith’s diagnose-and-attack instincts are off-the-charts good. He doesn’t arrive at the collision point on time, he arrives early. It’s as though he’s reviewed an advanced copy of the game. There are few better at thundering downhill and shooting gaps. He navigates the malaise up front effortlessly and closes with jarring speed.”

    This is pure poetry.


  6. kckd

    Sorry they’re selling you short Maurice Smith.


  7. General Frank "Hogbody" Savage

    The Machiavelli in me has one worry. Kirby is celebrating with the players too much. He can convey huge pride and satisfaction while maintaining necessary emotional distance. He’s a leader, not a bosom buddy.


    • Leave it to Georgia fans to find a negative about all of this winning. He’s a players’ coach in the right way. He has said consistently, “You have 12 hours to celebrate, then it’s time to get back to work.” I love that he’s celebrating with these guys in a way that recruits have to love.


    • Hogbody Spradlin

      Just my anal mind working.


    • The Truth

      Kirby is winning me over, and the way some things went down last year and in the off-season, that’s what he was going to have to do (at least for me). But I’m glad to see him enjoying himself with his players. He’s kicking their tails, but he’s giving himself, and them, a chance to enjoy the fruits of the tail-kickings.


      • cali_dawg

        Kirby has taken the discipline from Saban and not the relentless, borderline abusive assholeness. I don’t want a miserable bastard of a head coach who smiles twice a year. I love when he celebrates with a player after a big play/hit/win. Players are buying into Kirby for a reason.


  8. kckd

    Dooley celebrated with the players after games. Saban does too. Would be really weird not to.