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Game day post… with bullet points!

You know who else loves to point?


But I digress.  On to Nashville.

  • I get the whole Kyle Shurmur, “best pure passing quarterback that we have played against”, thing, but he threw the ball 40 times against Florida (45% completion rate, to boot).  Does anybody really think Vanderbilt wins today throwing the ball that much?
  • Ralph Webb is having a subpar season, but it’s not because he’s lost a step or forgotten how to run.  The team as a whole is averaging 2.87 ypc this season.  There’s no blocking.
  • Weirdly enough, though, Vandy is tied for first in the conference in sacks allowed.
  • Combined, I don’t know what that says about what Georgia’s defense up the middle, where it’s missing Thompson, Carter and Patrick, has in store for itself today.  The line didn’t miss a beat in Thompson’s absence last week and I expect that to continue, but it’ll be interesting to see what Georgia’s pass coverage in the flats is like.  This may be a day when Lorenzo Carter is called on to cover a little more than usual.
  • Then again, maybe it’ll be Monty Rice’s coming out party.
  • Remembering the tone set at the start of last year’s game, my ideal beginning today is for Georgia to win the toss, defer and have Blankenship blast the kickoff out of the end zone.
  • In conference play, Georgia, with 36.0 points per game, is fifth in scoring offense; Vanderbilt is eleventh, at 12.0 ppg.  In scoring defense, Georgia in only yielding a point and a half a game, tied with Alabama for first.  Vanderbilt is twelfth, at 48.5 ppg.
  • In plays of 20+ yards, Georgia is second in the SEC, with 28.  Vandy is twelfth, with 17.  In opponent plays of 10+ yards, Georgia’s defense ranks first in the conference, with 34.  Vanderbilt’s has yielded 70.  Nice to see, if you’re a Nick Chubb fan.
  • I think Eason is still too nicked up to start, but not so nicked up that Georgia won’t be reluctant to run Fromm on the read option again this week.
  • Terry Godwin, man.
  • When conventional wisdom works in your favor…
  • My idea of buying in:  this is the first time in I don’t know how long that I’ve picked Georgia to cover the spread as the favorite in back-to-back conference games.  I’m not even nervous about it.

As always, you’re invited to contribute your game day insights in the comments.  (Bullet points are optional.)


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The future’s so bright, they gotta wear eyeblack.

I get the general point Chip Towers is making about Georgia needing to avoid tripping itself up on distractions, but if this is an example of what he means by that…

Then there’s the whole quarterback deal. I’ve written often that this storyline of Jake Fromm as the unexpected starter and budding star was nothing but a good thing for Georgia. And I still believe it is from the standpoint of having two proven quarterbacks to which you can turn is always better than having one.

But now the Fields’ commitment has kind of turned up the heat on that entire competition again. Numerous recruiting experts and former players and quarterbacks have chimed in that they believe Fields, the No. 1-rated recruit in America, could possibly beat out both Fromm and Eason next year. And, of course, that would probably only be good for Georgia if that happened.

… Good Lord.

It’s one thing for the fan base to wet itself over the possibilities, even though Fields is a long way from setting foot on campus.  But if that’s a problem for the team today, they don’t deserve to beat Vanderbilt.


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Rebels without a cause

Ole Miss has dumped its black bear mascot… for this.

Obviously, none of the student body was around when this was a thing (yes, dammit, I’m old), but what I’m really excited for are the possibilities the next time Ole Miss and Florida face off.


Anything that takes your mind off Hugh Freeze, I guess.


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Vandy’s greatest hits

You look at Seth Emerson’s list of embarrassing losses to and close calls with the Commodores over the last decade and realize they all have one thing in common — Georgia farting around.

Makes Job One today pretty obvious, don’t it?


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Today, in stat porn

This, folks, is pretty cool.

3 Points have been scored against Georgia in its two SEC games this season, the fewest that the Bulldogs have yielded in their first two conference games in the league’s history. Georgia has started its 2017 SEC slate by beating Mississippi State 31-3 on Sept. 23 and Tennessee 41-0 on Sept. 30. Georgia visits Vanderbilt on Saturday for its third league game of 2017. The fewest points that Georgia has given up in its first three SEC games in a season are nine, accomplished in 1959, when the Bulldogs beat Alabama 17-3 on Sept. 19, Vanderbilt 21-6 on Sept. 26 and Mississippi State 15-0 on Oct. 17.

You think the team knows?


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