The future’s so bright, they gotta wear eyeblack.

I get the general point Chip Towers is making about Georgia needing to avoid tripping itself up on distractions, but if this is an example of what he means by that…

Then there’s the whole quarterback deal. I’ve written often that this storyline of Jake Fromm as the unexpected starter and budding star was nothing but a good thing for Georgia. And I still believe it is from the standpoint of having two proven quarterbacks to which you can turn is always better than having one.

But now the Fields’ commitment has kind of turned up the heat on that entire competition again. Numerous recruiting experts and former players and quarterbacks have chimed in that they believe Fields, the No. 1-rated recruit in America, could possibly beat out both Fromm and Eason next year. And, of course, that would probably only be good for Georgia if that happened.

… Good Lord.

It’s one thing for the fan base to wet itself over the possibilities, even though Fields is a long way from setting foot on campus.  But if that’s a problem for the team today, they don’t deserve to beat Vanderbilt.



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  1. Adventures

    LoL, talk about a stretch. He Must not be able to find a real reason to doubt the Dawgs. For the first time in many years, I’m not my typical pessimistic self. I’m a believer in a logical sense. We will beat the team’s in which we are better.





  3. Skeeter

    Chip gotta carry that chip.


  4. Hillbilly Dawg

    Got that cart way out front. Fromm and Eason both already believe they are better than Fields, but know they have to work. And Fields is already planning on how hard he has to work to beat them both out; he hasn’t seen the “speed of the game” and that’s faster than he realizes. This is good stuff folks. But all Fromm and the rest of the Dawgs are thinking about at 8:45CDT is beating Vandy into submission.


  5. Mayor

    Chip Towers, I couldn’t have said it better myself. In fact I did say it in a post yesterday on this very site–and got booed.


  6. Gaskilldawg

    Three straight seasons in which we start SEC play with a true freshman QB? Not likely at all. There is nothing about the current two’s talent that makes me believe they cannot leverage experience into a starting job next year. Assuming all three are on the roster next year.


  7. Reipar

    Chip is aware Fields cannot play this year isn’t he??


  8. At least all of this gives Jeff Dantzler an excuse to call 2017 a throwaway season if things don’t work out.


  9. Competition makes everyone better. This is probably THE biggest difference in the program under Kirby. By building quality depth through roster management (a nice concept, to be sure), the competition level at practice is able to be much greater than in the past.


  10. Jack Klompus



  11. Justin Perez

    The focus on recruiting is fine as long as it doesn’t overshadow the team that is actually in Athens. It has been frustrating all season to see people frustrated about Fromm and Eason both getting playing time and play well this season, solely because they were afraid that it would prevent Fields from coming here.


  12. Jack Burton

    Wayyyyyy ahead of ourselves here but I definitely could see some Leak / Tebow type stuff next year.

    Fields plays big boy high school football but all that running around he does isn’t going to work in the SEC. We need to put him in a Cam / Tebow style red zone package where he can either hand it off, run straight ahead or hit the TE dump.

    In more current news, excited to see the next guy up step at ILB and start gaining experience for next year as well. Go Dawgs!


  13. Macallanlover

    Still a verbal at this time, 3 more months before he can be locked in. Not doubting him at all, just feel everyone has to focus on what we have, not what may come next year. I think KS is on top of this.

    I am as excited about who Fields might attract to UGA next year as I am about him at this point. Several big name guys have indicated they would look closely at where Fields commits to. We will see, right now it is Vandy and a score to settle with them.


  14. Doggoned

    If you gotta have a problem, this is a nice one to have.

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  15. Aubrey E Walker

    He is committed. He had not signed. He will play baseball and get to UGA if he signs. What if he is drafted into Pro baseball. If he signs he gets to UGA late July early August. I think it a long stretch to think he comes in a picks up the play book and speed that he has never faced to take the job from either Eason or Fromm. Just my take


  16. TMC DAWG

    The question is what will Eason do in the off season, If he’s gonna transfer the sooner the better so we can get Fields ready


  17. As I said yesterday, there are people who are already looking forward to Fields replacing Fromm or Eason our whoever the starting QB is. He became the guy as soon as he committed. What have you done for me lately?