Today’s burning question

It’s a fair one.

There’s already one.

Thank Gawd for all that SEC Network money.  It’s the only way to afford those buyouts.


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17 responses to “Today’s burning question

  1. Greg

    Gotta love it, the Saban effect. Should be a helluva recruiting year this year…and probably next. They all can’t go to Bama. I got 4 at the most.


  2. David K

    UT, Mizzu, LSU, A&M, Arkansas, Ole Miss. Amirte?


  3. Bulldog Joe

    Let the dawgrading begin.


  4. LSU will probably keep O. But those other 5 seem like a done deal. Also: if the right job opened up, I 100% believe MacElwain would leave UF. He is a good coach, but an awful fit there.


    • James Stephenson

      Why leave UF, unless it is for Alabama. They have the players, you do not even have to recruit that hard. And besides, I fear that someone may tap CSU again and I do not want to see Bobo on UF’s sideline.


      • Bc he’s not a great receiver, and doesn’t seem to enjoy the fishbowl nature of being SEC coach. He’s a Western guy, stuck in redneck Gainesville. If the right job West if Texas called, he’s leave IMO.


  5. Smokey Joe Wood

    Those points for and against look pretty strong, especially compared to the rest of the east.


  6. 92 grad

    I just read that Bert has a $15mil buyout at this time. Mrs Bert is sitting pretty.


  7. We_Will_Get_Fooled_Again

    There’s a lot of guys in uncomfortable positions right now, but looking at each situation individually, I don’t foresee that many changes.


    Kirby Smart – Safe
    Jim McElwain – He’s fairly unpopular with the Gator fan base right now, but he won’t get canned for one mediocre year after two years of relative overachievement.
    Will Muschamp – Safe
    Mark Stoops – His inability to beat Florida aside, he’s doing a satisfactory job relative to UK’s expectations. Safe.
    Butch Jones – Likely gone barring a strong finish
    Derek Mason – He’s gotten waxed the last three weeks, but I don’t sense much discontentment from Vandy about his job performance. Safe.
    Barry Odom – His team is a dumpster fire, but he’s only in his second year. My hunch is Mizzou won’t pull the trigger on him this early.


    Nick Saban – Safe
    Gus Malzahn – With their recent strong play, he’s safe again barring a late-season collapse
    Kevin Sumlin – I’d lean more toward him returning next year. A&M has rebounded nicely since the devastating loss to UCLA in Week 1.
    Ed Orgeron – Beating Florida yesterday takes some heat off him for now. With this being his first full year, I don’t see him getting fired unless the bottom falls out down the stretch.
    Dan Mullen – Safe, though he’s the most likely of the current SEC coaches to leave for another job
    Bret Bielema – His situation is deteriorating rapidly. With a huge buyout, my guess is he’ll get one more shot in ’18, but this bears watching.
    Matt Luke – Gone


  8. W Cobb Dawg

    So if Bielema gets the boot, does Kirby approach Enos for our 10th assistant coach job?


  9. steve

    Today’s burning question is really about burning asses….as in hot seats, correct? They say Butch eats so much Mexican that the only way he knows he is hungry is when his asshole stops burning. But now he has a 4 county call-out to quench the heat on his ass from ‘the burning question’. I say send the National Guard, Power Co’s, and Bud trucks to Jokeville to keep Butch from self-immolation. The CFB world needs the stage supervisor who can turn a trash can into a team symbol for success. Please don’t fire Butch.


  10. SouthGaDawg

    If Arkansas comes open, I think that’s a perfect landing spot for Mike Bobo. Ole Miss is destined to go back to being Ole Miss – no way he takes that job.