I don’t know the last time Georgia was favored by four touchdowns over a conference opponent, but I can say it’s been a long time since Mizzou was that big an underdog.

Missouri, the only Southeastern Conference team without a win over an FBS opponent, is an early 28-point underdog in Saturday’s game at No. 4 Georgia (6-0, 3-0 SEC), the first-place team in the SEC East…

If that point spread stands by kickoff, it will be the largest spread for a game in which Mizzou is the underdog since 2000. That year, Larry Smith’s last as the Tigers’ head coach, the Tigers were 33-point underdogs at Nebraska…

Missouri has been an underdog by 20 points or more nine times since the 2000 game at Nebraska, according to oddsshark.com. They lost all nine games but covered the spread in four.

For what it’s worth, also according to oddsshark.com, in its last seven games, Georgia is 6-1 against the spread.




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  1. Dawg in Austin

    Gambling rule #3: be careful of large point spreads before bye weeks. (Not that I wouldn’t mind an exception to the rule this week.)


  2. Macallanlover

    I wouldn’t lay the 28-30 points against a reasonably competent passing attack that gave UGA fits last year, but being honest, I also wouldn’t take 35 points and Mizzou against this UGA team at home on a Saturday night. Crowd will be out for blood after the last four blowout wins by this Dawg team, and Kirby is going to give both Jake and Eason a chance to throw it around while exploiting Mizzou’s weak rush defense. I think Fromm starts but when Eason comes in with the 1s, it will be to throw the ball; no other reason to bring him in early. That means it could get ugly. Bottom line advice to a bettor, if you play this game at all: take the over, and I haven’t even seen the number yet


  3. Big Shock

    Wasn’t Okhahoma a 30+ point favorite last week? No matter how good we’ve looked this season, i’ve been a dawg fan too long to expect this run to continue every week. I’ll take a win by 1 point as long as it means getting to Jax undefeated.


  4. Macallanlover

    “take a 1 point win as long as it means LEAVING Jax undefeated” FIFY


  5. 69Dawg

    It’s Vegas and all they are trying to do is even out the bets. It’s taking 30 just to get the gamblers to sniff this game on the Mizzou side. That means nothing when the game is started. I wouldn’t bet UGA to cover 30 after watching the KY game the other night. Mizzou can air it out long, medium and short.


  6. Uglydawg

    We need to pound the rock..get a lead and when it’s reasonably safe, let Eason work on his long game. Don’t worry about the huge blowout..we need the work the passing game.
    (How arrogant and overconfident do my words seem? Good grief, I don’t even know US anymore)
    SKEPTIC.. please make your entrance and bring us back down to reality.


    • Mayor

      In Skeptic’s absence allow me……is this the Georgia fan base I know and love–taking games for granted, assuming 30 point wins, forgetting prior years’ losses to Vandy and Kentucky not to mention GTU. Mizzou had the Dawgs beaten last year until one Jacob Eason threw the winning TD on 4th down with almost no time on the clock. So tell me Mizzou has no chance again. I just saw Iowa State beat Oklahoma last weekend. I’ll bet the Sooners didn’t expect to lose either.