The Leach coaching tree has many branches, my friends.

In light of the spirited debate we had last week about the validity of Mike Leach’s coaching career, take a look at this Ian Boyd article.  It’s pretty damned impressive to see the number of assistants and former players of his who have moved on to major coaching jobs.

Maybe there’s more to “throw it short to people who can score” than some of you give him credit for.


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  1. paul

    Guys like the Pirate are increasingly rare in college football these days. As the game becomes more commodified folks like Leach and Spurrier are seen as liabilities despite their genius. But they’re good for the game. And they’re a big part of college footballs’ is unique identity. Too bad we seem hell bent on turning it into the NFL.


  2. Macallanlover

    It is the quick passing game that gives me the most concern about defending. And the majority of long TD plays come from throws that travel less than 25 yards I I have never seen a stat that measures that, just based on what I have seen in my 60+ years). I admit the long throws are the ones that get seared in our memories, but the risk/reward favors the shorter throws, imo. Long heaves do more to keep DBs away from the LOS, imo.

    Speaking of which, State Fromm exploded the myth that he has a noodle arm with that 55 yard laser, in stride, on Saturday didn’t he? Doesn’t mean he would win a “long drive” contest against guys with a rocket arm, but you can bet opponents’ DCs took note of that and will not cheat up without realizing it is risky.


    • In my Observations post, I forgot to mention one thing about that Fromm-Godwin TD pass. It was perfectly designed. Fromm rolled out to his right, which allowed for two things: away from the pressure, he had plenty of time to settle his feet before throwing and it allowed the timing for Godwin’s route to develop. End result was a perfect throw and catch. Well done, Jim Chaney.


      • Uglydawg

        I hope to watch it again, but Godwin made a nice adjustment to the ball which was a litttle bit..a very little bit, underthrown. But considering that Fromm rolled pretty far to his right before squaring left to make a difficult throw, it was a thing of beauty..and shows some real creativity in play design and calling.


        • I hope to watch it again, but Godwin made a nice adjustment to the ball which was a litttle bit..a very little bit, underthrown.

          I think that’s accurate, but that means UGA coaches did a fantastic job calibrating the play’s timing.


      • Raleighwood Dawg

        I agree. I think that the play was well designed, well executed and called at the right time.


  3. Lrgk9

    Mumme to Leach & Hatcher

    Hatcher to Smart? Nah, inconceivable

    Fromm can Hum that ball with a crow hop. Lots o baseball will do that.


  4. Mayor

    If Wazzou can get past UDub and a back-loaded schedule there is a good chance Leach’s team will be PAC 12 champion and in the playoff (I don’t see anyone from the PAC 12 South beating them except possibly USC in a rematch). Then the Cougars are in the playoff and win 2 more and they are national champs. Wouldn’t that be something?