Getting to the next level

I don’t offer this post in the spirit of counting certain chickens before they’re hatched, but if you’re interested in seeing what kind of benchmarks Georgia’s season may have to meet in order to merit the selection committee’s favorable consideration for entry into the CFP, ESPN’s Heather Dinich has supplied a list here.  Georgia has some pluses and minuses there, so we’ll see how things go.

One thing is pretty likely.  Don’t expect a two-loss P5 team to be in the mix.


UPDATE:  Bill Connelly does some playoff projecting here.



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15 responses to “Getting to the next level

  1. waterloodawg

    I think it’s pretty simple for Georgia. Win the Sec championship with one or less loss.

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  2. Ms. Dining forgot one item on her list – Mickey’s media darlings

    Helps: Alabama, Clemson, Notre Dame, Ohio State
    Hurts: Georgia, TCU, Washington


  3. Lets just get past Florida and then there can be a serious discussion.

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    • Macallanlover

      It’s pretty serious now, beat Auburn, then step up against Bama. If we do that, we are in, period. Odds are against but we are improving and closing the gap. Better chance than we had at this point in 2012. Team should focus on Mizzou, we got this long range stuff handled for them just sitting in our Lazy Boys.


  4. I see us losing to Bama in the SECC and playing Miami in the Sugar Bowl.


    • Sugar is a semi-final this year, so it would have to be Miami in the….Orange Bowl. I’d welcome that challenge. South Bend..South Beach. No difference, we’d paint that mother red !

      /assuming you didn’t mean lose and still face Miami in a semi-final.


    • W Cobb Dawg

      Miami might be a good match IF we don’t win the secc.

      More likely we’d lose 1 game then get dawggraded with an obscure opponent like San Diego State – a repeat of the Colt Brennan/Hawaii bowl game.


  5. Mayor

    A 2 loss team can definitely be in the mix. What if every contender has 2 losses? Remember 2007?


  6. SCIllinois

    The most Georgia(*) season possible would be to beat Auburn and lose a tight SECCG to Bama, but be out of the playoffs because of a loss to Tech.

    However, this season feels so different in a good way. I hope we’re headed towards an era where “the most Georgia thing ever” is a thing of the past.


    • Rocketdawg

      The most Georgia thing ever would be to lose to Auburn and Tech. Beat Bama to win the SEC with 2 losses and get left out of the playoff for a 1 loss Notre Dame