So Spurrier’s sayin’ Georgia’s got a chance?


“Georgia has a very strong team, it appears right now, because their defense is so good,” Spurrier said.

Spurrier, who, against Georgia went 2-2 as a player, 0-2 as an assistant coach, 11-1 as the head coach at Florida, and 5-6 as South Carolina’s head coach, was then asked to compare Georgia’s defense to that of Alabama.

“I don’t think they have quite the size of Bama,” Spurrier said. “But could they beat Bama? Oh yeah if they played extremely well and Bama doesn’t that day. But Alabama would be favored.”

I get the feeling he’d be chirruping if either the Gators or the ‘Cocks knocked Georgia out of the division race.  On the other hand, I wouldn’t be surprised if he tossed out a quip or two if the Dawgs managed to beat Saban in the SECCG.



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15 responses to “So Spurrier’s sayin’ Georgia’s got a chance?

  1. Cpark58

    God needs the Devil. The Beatles needed The Rolling Stones. Even Diane Sawyer needed Katie Couric. Steve Spurrier is UGA’s Katie Couric

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  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    That’s about right. OTOH it’s the same as I think so it can’t be that intelligent.


  3. Macallanlover

    Of course we can beat them, FSU had it close until late turnovers made it look like a more dominating W. A&M made it look closer than it was, but again showed Bama isn’t an invincible opponent. So yeah, it will likely take our A game (and we have one), against their B game (we have seen that as well), but it isn’t a long shot, imo. We have definitely closed the gap this season.


    • Jack Burton

      Not saying we don’t have a chance, but using the opening game of the season as a comparison to the conference championship game is a bit silly.


      • Macallanlover

        Really? Perhaps to you but seeing how teams react to other quality athletes is quite telling, but that’s just me. Maybe we could compare something like the two Vandy and TN blowouts and that would help you. Or look at HS film on all the athletes. I will take the FSU, A&M, and Auburn games thank you. You can have your own level of silliness.


  4. Scorpio Jones, III

    Rat Poison.

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    • AusDawg85

      ^^This. Spurrier is laying bait. Honestly, anyone getting into the “Here’s how we can beat Bama” game is crazy. After the bye week, we go through a tough stretch that will show who we are. Let’s beat Mizzou, then focus on JAX. Find your inner Munson folks…”Look at all the freshmen we’ve got out there!”


  5. Russ

    I still wish they could get him in the studio to do analysis of the day’s games. Give him a 6-pack of Coors Light and and open mic, and have at it.


    • Sanford222view

      You can hear him on SiriusXM ESPNU Radio. He has frequent appearances on the the two morning shows. “First Team” and whatever the show with Rick Neuheisel is. Not sure any Silver Bullets are involved but The OBC doesn’t hold back much. Spurdog is always quick to tell you the scores of the wins he had against the teams being discussed.


      • Silver Creek Dawg

        He does a weekly appearance on three shows- The First Team, Full Ride (Neuheisel), and Off Campus with Mark Packer.


        • Sanford222view

          Ahh…didn’t know about the third one because I can’t stand Packer. His show is terrible. He talks for hours but says nothing except, “Team X is good because they have a bunch of frisbee catching dogs running around out there”, “Silly to speculate at this point in the season”, “You can come up with a million “what if” scenarios but no reason to talk about those”, etc. I am not sure why he even has a show because he doesn’t want to talk about anything. I thought that was the whole point of sports talk radio? He also takes too many callers which rarely provide intelligent input. I like the other three shows they offer. While I may not agree with the opinions at least they prepare for the shows, actually break down the games and offer insight. Anyone could do what Packer does on that show. The only thing worse than his show is Finebaum.


  6. S

    The hell with Spurrier. I wish people would stop begging him for validation and feeding his ego.


  7. Kevin

    Spurrier is a prick!


  8. Reinmart

    Spurrier has been trolling Georgia since before trolling was a thing.


  9. Fred Russo

    Yea, he beat CMR 11 times that’s over now!!!!!


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