The Team 121 party starts now.

Let’s face it — if you’re a Georgia fan who, say, publishes a college football blog, you want Butch Jones’ career in Knoxville to continue on.  If it takes the Vols going 9-3 this season, so be it.

Henceforth, I’m on Booch’s Bandwagon!  Who’s with me?


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24 responses to “The Team 121 party starts now.

  1. Spike

    Count me in Wise One!


  2. Mayor

    “…a 9-3 record would make firing him impossible…” Just ask Mark Richt about that.


    • dawgtired

      Ouch. Your right. 9-3 might save him one more year but eventually he would have to win real championships…and not ‘Life’ championships. I would say this would be the mentality of the top 6 SEC programs.


  3. waterloodawg

    The part on the early signing period and what it means for firing/hiring coaches was a good read too.

    “The first reason is recruiting. Thanks to this year’s early 72-hour signing period from Dec. 20 to Dec. 22, sticking with Jones until the final regular-season game against Vanderbilt on Nov. 25 could make it difficult to have a new coach in place in time to hold onto previous commitments and lock up other players.”

    It used to be that getting a new coach in place before the bowl game was fast work but now we could be looking at new hires within a season?..Sheesh.


  4. Booch for Coach for Life of the Champions of Life!


  5. barneydawg

    I am in also. I would really miss Boochmeister’s press conferences.


  6. Yurdle

    I want to see more of whatever kind of reps UT was getting two weeks ago in Knoxville, and I believe Butch is just the guy to keep them coming. #BaghdadButch


  7. truck

    He’s a fantastic caretaker.


  8. Governor Milledge

    It’s delusional to think Bob Stoops would coach for UT. The ESPN article discussing him quitting as HC for the Sooners seemed to make it very clear that he was done being a HC.

    Chip Kelly would be an intimidating hire for UT, but it’s doubtful he would pick UT given the rebuild job ahead of him.


    • ChiliDawg

      I saw Chip Kelly on ESPN’s top 25 show the other day. He looks terrible. Like, you would have thought he was about the same age as Mack Brown sitting next to him, despite being 13 years younger. I’d be surprised if he takes over a job that is going to take as much energy as UT. He doesn’t need the money. And he’s got no connections to the Southeast. Spent his entire career back and forth from the Northeast and the West coast. Just doesn’t seem like a fit.

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      • Otto

        UT has recruited the west coast which is why they have played Cal, UCLA etc. West coast connections could be a plus for the job. You never know with these head coaches most have a need to feed the ego. Why would anyone take the Bama job after a national title winning coach or take the program on under probation? Someone is always willing take it.

        I am surprised Agent Bobo hasn’t received more talk for the job. Agent Dooley maybe out of service but we can bring up another.


    • Otto

      If (a big IF) Stoops coaches again it will be a mid major close to home, or a job like Florida where the program has history and many natural advantages (recruiting grounds, cash etc) UT is not an easy job as they must recruit out of state.

      Given Stoops family history of heart disease, stress of a big job, and Stoops stepping away quickly I don’t see him on the sideline again. AD or ESPN broadcast team are the most likely jobs I see other than sitting on the beach with his former boss the Head Ball Coach.


  9. Oh, I’ve got a spare brick if needed. Should I mail it to Booch or just toss it in the general direction of the wall?


  10. DawgFlan

    Given my distaste for the program and its fans, may he forever lead bUTchugger U.

    For his health and sanity, however, I sincerely hope he takes less money to coach somewhere else. He is so over his head and stressed-out that I feel sorry for the guy.

    Metaphors are more 3rd and G’s thing, but he’s like a sales rep that killed it working at a Boost Mobile mall kiosk that got hired to run the enterprise sales team at IBM. All the hustle and motivational conviction with none of the polish or structure.


  11. Bulldog Joe

    Pulling for the Vols to win the game, but also looking forward to seeing the Tennessee fans checker Neyland Stadium in orange and aluminum.


  12. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Before we played them I worried a little that us clobbering them would have the drawback of getting Booch fired. SO you’re saying there’s a chance I get mohave y caked eat it, too? I’m in on that.


  13. dawgman3000

    Long live the Butch!


  14. W Cobb Dawg

    I’m conflicted. Booch is such an unlovable prick I really enjoy having him at utk. Not to mention all the squeeker wins over teams like Appy State that drive vol fans nuts. But I’d also enjoy another round of multiple potential coaches saying ‘no f*#king way’ if the HC job was offered. Then there’s the bad publicity of a buyout. In the end, I guess the status quo of having them sitting uncomfortably on the fence isn’t so bad.


  15. whb209

    UT should hire Chip Kelly. He would be there two or maybe three years before getting caught cheating. UT would go on probation for one year and the next coach would have a loaded team with the paid players. Charlie Pell became famous because he was hired by FL (which at the time was every ones homecoming opponent), get caught leaves tons of players and FL becomes a winning program. Then he does exactly the same thing for Clemson. At the time a homecoming game and then one year probation and they become a winning program. Yes. I would hire Cheater Chip. The next Charlie Pell.