Checking in with Mr. Conventional Wisdom

Yep.  Tony’s still got game.


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  1. Normaltown Mike

    I think the UT folks are realizing that Butch’s trash can is full of wimpy wimpy wimpy trash bags


  2. Bill Glennon

    Many journalists try to put into words what you subconsciously realize but cannot articulate yourself. Pretty presumptuous if you ask me. Tony teaches you what you already consciously realize. That’s his gift.

    This is a niche that is not being filled by anyone in College Football journalism presently but Tony. He has really earned the nickname “Mr. College Football” that he gave himself.


    • IT’S LIKE HE’S READING MY MIND– and by ‘my mind’ I mean the average, everyday low effort conclusions rattling through my low brow football brain.

      Its like Tony has jumped into my stream of consciousness with a margarita and a large football floatie.


  3. Saxondawg

    He takes a complex game and explains it on a level that makes perfect sense to us morons.


  4. markclegg

    Mr. CW moved into self-parody a long time ago.


  5. truck

    Call me crazy, but I think this “air conditioning” fad just might catch on.


  6. 3rdandGrantham

    Next article in queue – ‘Is Damon Evans in trouble as AD at UGA? His recent arrest may be his downfall.”


  7. Mayor

    I don’t know if any Vols fans have really thought through the consequences of firing Booch Jones. First, the Vols are broke. Flat, busted, without coin. They will have to pay off Booch’s contract which will be between $9-12 Million depending on who you believe and they don’t have it. Second, they will have to pay at least that same amount or more to hire a new HC. Third, they will have to find someone who is willing to take the job and that someone has to be an upgrade over Booch or firing him makes no sense. Given the tenor of their toothless fan base I think that is going to be difficult. This will be a very important hire for them IMHO–perhaps their most important ever. After a series of failed HCs the Vols find themselves in danger of falling to the level of Vanderbilt and quite possibly being passed by South Carolina and/or Kentucky in the SEC East pecking order. Nobody now playing HS football can remember when the Vols last won the SEC–or even the East. Another bad hire and they will likely descend into oblivion.


  8. Russ

    I don’t understand why y’all mock Tony. If you could get paid for this stuff, wouldn’t you take it? I think the man’s a genius.


  9. My favorite scenario is the one where Tennessee wins out (except Alabama) and gets to 9-3. Do they fire Butch after their best regular season record since 2007?


  10. Napoleon BonerFart

    What I don’t understand is how Barnhart is on a paid site. I’ve occasionally found myself following a click-bait headline to find out if Angela Lansbury really did overdose on ecstasy. But is anybody ever going to see a Barnhart headline, or read the first two paragraphs and think to themselves, “I have to see how the rest of this column pans out?” I think not.

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  11. 81Dog

    NostraBarnhart for the win!!!!!!!


  12. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    The fall 2017 issue of Georgia magazine says Tony “received the Distinguished Achievement in Broadcasting Award from DiGamma Kappa, the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication’s national broadcast society.” So there’s that. I wonder if was a judge of that award.


  13. CannonDawg

    Here are some observations Mr. CW could have made:

    You know . . .
    You can find a drink in New Orleans.
    Jeff Bezos seems to know how to build a business.
    Greg Maddox knew a little something about pitching.
    I’ve always maintained that Celine Dion can carry a tune.
    I know this will rub some people the wrong way, but Alabama football’s a pretty valuable brand.
    Atlanta’s got a traffic problem.
    Harvey Weinstein might just be in a little bit of trouble.
    Georgia’s pretty good (oops, he’s said that already!).


  14. Damn Good Dawg

    We are the dumb ones…he gets paid for his insight!!!