Fake news? War Eagle!

So, in the wake of another potential academic scandal, Auburn’s hired an outside law firm to investigate.

Jay Jacobs is on quite the roll lately.

The tutoring investigation is the latest in a series of probes within the Auburn athletic department, which is facing alleged misconduct in men’s basketball and women’s softball, as well as defending a federal civil lawsuit filed against athletic director Jay Jacobs and the school’s board of trustees by a former baseball coach.

It’s impressive that the man is still on the job.  I’d ask the rhetorical question about whether Jacobs is in possession of incriminating photographs, but after reading this quote…

Outside the Lines brought the allegation to the attention of President Steven Leath this week. In a statement issued Wednesday, he said: “I take the allegation very seriously. While the independent investigation has found no evidence to date to support the claims, I’m actively engaged as the investigation continues.”

… maybe the simpler answer is that nobody there really gives a damn.  At least as long as the money’s good.


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14 responses to “Fake news? War Eagle!

  1. Spike

    Word on the street is The Bagman is ducking the subpoena..


  2. bigshot

    Investigation findings: Move along nothing to see here.


    • Which is why the school retained counsel, right?


      • Macallanlover

        It’s “out there” and cannot be retracted so the school has to waste money on an attorney regardless of how meaningless the act may have been. If you make up charges against an individual, or corporation, the first thing either will do is have an attorney come in to speak or write words to defend the false charges. Their retaining an attorney is not a significant, or unusual act, at all. And it doesn’t make it a major event unless it can be proven to be a common practice at Auburn.

        From what I read, but do not know for sure, is this was about a former player, and a former tutor, that may have been involved. If this was a one time event under those circumstances, it is trivial. Auburn has been a big time violator of rules (see Newton, Cam) and it was brushed away overnight. Wake me when the NCAA and SEC want to step up to their actions on that case.


        • Auburn hired the attorneys before the story was “out there”, Mac.


          • Kdawg

            The Barners have a legal team on speed dial.


          • Macallanlover

            My corporate life exposure to the daily likelihood of litigation has trained me to realize legal expenses are a permanent line item in the annual budget, and that is on top of the entire legal department on Floor 7. Wut a world. But I do like the “postman bites dog” stories like the one at FU earlier this year.


  3. Beer Money

    I wonder if this is blue ribbon fact-finding committee made up of Stan Gable and miss Betty Childs?

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  4. Mad Mike

    Forget it y’all it’s Awbren, nothing’s gonna come of it.


  5. zdawg15

    Misconduct and men’s basketball in same sentence. Is trouble following Bruce Pearl?


  6. Fred Russo

    There is NOTHING Auburn could do that would surprise me!!!!! There 10 time as crooked as Mississippi ever was or is!!!!!


  7. 69Dawg

    Que the music to “Casablanca”. We are shocked, shocked I say!


  8. Softball, football, baseball, basketball, how many other sports can hit the jackpot?