“I’d rather us run the ball all the time and win than throw the ball all the time and lose.”

It’s good that Javon Wims feels that way, because if there’s one thing you can say with authority about this year’s Georgia offense, it’s that they’re not gonna throw the ball all the time.

Wims leads the team with 13 catches for 217 yards. That would project out to 30 catches for 14 games if Georgia played in the SEC title game and a bowl game. That would match Martrez Milner’s 30 catches in 2006 as fewest for the team’s leading receiver since 1990.


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13 responses to ““I’d rather us run the ball all the time and win than throw the ball all the time and lose.”

  1. Granthams replacement

    Milner had a lot more than 30 that hit him in the hands. I recall the first offensive play of the 2006 GA/FL game vividly.

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  2. ApalachDawg

    Have to throw it to beat bama and auburn. Cue the boy from Washington


    • dawgtired

      It would take pressure off our run game if we can have some success in the passing game for sure, but they may need to throw to beat us as well. If it is going to take Eason (which I’m not convinced Fromm couldn’t do the job) We need him getting lots of PT now. We’ll see how Kirby rotates the QBs in the games leading up to Aub.
      Clemson beat Aub with 185yds passing and 96yds rushing. I think we can match that.
      A&M came within 8pts of Bama with 237yds passing and 71yds rushing. (I fear that was Bama’s ‘let-down’ game.) We may flip those stats or near that when/if we play them. I’m sure the three teams will take the same ‘stop the run first’ approach with each other.


    • PTC DAWG

      I’m not so sure…


  3. 81Dog

    Love the attitude Wims and Nauta are expressing in print. They don’t care if they get the ball because what we are doing is punishing defenses and winning. So, sure, they’d like more catches, but for now, they will just block people into the dirt and enjoy watching Chubb and Sony shred Ds at will. If nobody cares who gets the credit (MY NUMBERS! I NEED MY TOUCHES!), there may be no limit to what these guys can accomplish as a team

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  4. Brandon

    Yet Kirby still somehow has earned the commitments from the #1 and #2 WRs in the COUNTRY for 2019…. I know I know commit in one hand and shit in the other and see which one fills up first and 2019 is forever away… but its still pretty crazy to think about. Talk about selling ice to an eskimo.


    • MGW

      Yeah, but it ain’t like we’ve got AJ Green or Julio Jones out there being ignored. If stud WR recruits ask Smart how he’d use them, I’m sure he says something along the lines of “the same way Saban used Amari Cooper and Julio Jones when I was at Bama”.