No, this would be the most Georgia thing ever.

I’ve seen that observation made in the comments a couple of times this week over a couple of hypothetical fact patterns about the way the regular season plays out, but in my opinion, this one takes first place:

Love the hypothetical where Alabama is 12-0, Georgia is 12-1 (lone loss to Bama in the SEC title game) and Notre Dame is 11-1 (lone loss to Georgia).

The unwritten part there being, of course, that the selection committee opts for Notre Dame over the Dawgs.

Heads would explode.  Herbie would spend hours explaining why it was the right call.  Sankey would complain, to no avail.  Even Greg McGarity would slowly work himself up to a point of expressing disapproval — and then would turn eagerly to the task of selling tickets to Georgia’s bowl game against a Group of Five school that nobody in the fan base would care about seeing.

Tell me that’s not the most Georgia thing ever.



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54 responses to “No, this would be the most Georgia thing ever.

  1. Aladawg

    And while purchasing tickets you can make your GEEF donation. By the way our baseball team is outstanding. Don’t you want to donate to the baseball fund. There are only a limited number of tickets available(only 3,000). Seat backs are also available!

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  2. Scott Thomas

    No, the most Georgia thing ever would be to make it to the National Championship game and lose to Miami.


    • MDDawg

      I don’t think Miami is going to make it there, at least not this year. In fact I’d say they should be on upset alert this weekend against the nerds. I want Richt to be successful down there, but it would be such a Richt thing to do to follow up a big emotional win against their in-state rival with a flat performance against a less talented team. Until I see Miami play a full 60-minute effort in all 3 phases of the game, I won’t believe the hype about the U being “back” or Richt having found his “second wind”.

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  3. Spike

    We are doomed!


  4. MDDawg

    That scenario would mean that Alabama would be 13-0, not 12-0

    I’d prefer us to beat Auburn in the regular season, see Auburn win the Iron Bowl, and then beat Auburn again in the SECCG. That would leave Bama sitting at 11-1 and, having not won their division, maybe that keeps them out of the playoff. Although it didn’t stop them from getting the rematch against LSU several years ago. I think the other conference champs will have strong enough records to keep a 1-loss non-champ out of the playoff.


    • Mayor

      The committee was set up specifically in response to the Bama-LSU situation you described. The other conferences wanted to stop the SEC from ever having two teams in the championship game again. If the Dawgs win the SECCG they are in and that is all I care about.


      • MDDawg

        I agree Mayor. People had been talking about a playoff in the years before that, but the All-SEC national championship really lit a fire under their butts. If two SEC teams make it into the 4-team playoff, then the already likely bracket expansion is guaranteed.


  5. Got Cowdog

    That’s not funny.
    I can hear Hwebstreit ” Well, they were only one point away from beating Georgia…….”

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    • 92 grad

      Lol, yeah, ND had us right where they wanted us….

      I think the most Georgia thing would be to be undefeated going to GT, losing to GT, but win the conference, and the 1 loss keep them out of the cfp. The most Georgia thing requires the situation where the media needs to make excuses out of thin air to get what they want.


      • Got Cowdog

        I have to agree, 92, that’s pretty Georgia. Currently I am Munsoning over a faceplant to Mizzou, SC, UK, or UF. My therapist says it was developmental environment that causes the Munson effect, and prescribed a liberal dose of kool aid …….


        • Dawg in Lutz

          i understand all the pessimism because we’ve seen this before. However, i have to give this new culture and staff a chance because it just seems different. I’m the first person to sit back and say a face plant is coming; but i’m really trying to have a different mindset. hell, it seems like the team has a different one; so why can’t the fans. GO DAWGS!!


          • Got Cowdog

            I feel ya, Dawg, but you have to let the Munson out to keep the Karmic Bitchez at bay. Looking forward to the show this weekend for sure.


    • Otto

      I am pulling for ND to drop 1 game as those media darlings will get the nod over UGA.

      However, I don;t want playoff expansion and UGA/Bama meeting twice in a month would help the debate wanting a bigger playoff.


  6. ugafidelis

    The most Georgia Way thing ever would be to go into Jacksonville and lose.


  7. Notre Dame gets to the final and loses to Miami. Then we all get to hear everyone wank about CMR’s firing for another year or 100.


  8. It would be the most Georgia thing ever. I would probably tear out what little hair I have left. If ND beats USC next weekend, get ready for the media drumbeat of the Irish to the playoff over the SEC championship game loser.

    Hopefully, either USC or NC State ends all of that talk.


    • Nashville West

      If not USC or nc state there is also a road game at stanford. Navy has been known to give them fits in recent years and I’m happy to root for CMR and miami. I’ve been conflicted this year because while a notre dame victory helps the Dawgs I still hate notre dame.


  9. The most Georgia thing ever would be:

    Win it all this year with a freshman
    Come tantalizingly close the next two years
    Fromm joins the peace Corp before his senior year
    We lose to auburn and thus the east on a Hail Mary pass fromtwice felony convicted auburn transfer Justin Fields.

    We get back to the big game in 2057.

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  10. Uglydawg

    On the other hand….what if we got a rematch against ND in the playoffs and beat the shit out of them this time?
    This is what I’m hoping for.
    But it’s a long, long road. I hope we don’t look back at ourselves in a few short weeks and think “What dreamers we are”.


  11. I’ll take the scenario where we win the East right now. That was the consensus at the beginning of the season of what a successful would look like and worrying about some set of events where UGA gets F’ked is worse than mental masturbation it is self flagellation… The most worrisome thing about the idea of playing the best Group of Five team is that it is probably USF and they are good and losing to the Bulls would leave a seriously bad taste in the mouth of the off season…….that would be very Georgia wouldn’t it? Crap, now you have me doing it and it is not even Ashura.


  12. Macallanlover

    I think the committee would dodge that issue and select another team to fill that 4th spot. Now if there were two places because of weak records for conference champions, they could add both UGA and ND. Otherwise, they would be smart to let that sleeping dog lie and hang their hat on the value of being a conference champ…which should be the primary emphasis anyway. Let ND join a conference and play the extra quality game at season’s end, after all, that would be the only reason UGA wasn’t undefeated and ND sat at home in their recliners. Would further undermine the way this playoff is constructed.


  13. Jared S.

    Georgia is better off losing to Auburn and going into the SECCG 11-1.

    I think they’ll be better prepared for Bama that way.

    Yeah I said it.


  14. Vidaliaway

    How things change 6 weeks into a season. Had us at 9-3 preseason. I’ll take 12-1 all day long and twice on Sunday. Beating gatorflage, hillbillies, Plains, and the nerds in the same year is definitely not TGW! And in case you haven’t heard, we have the best coach in the country.


  15. PTC DAWG

    The Georgia Way was hiring Kirby, and as y’all know, Kirby is on this thing. The continued whining on here is HIGHlarious.


  16. Sanford222view

    What about the turmoil and angst created by Georgia beating Auburn on the road, then Auburn beating Bama, then getting revenge on Georgia in the SECCG? You have two loss Auburn as the SEC Champ and Georgia and Alabama sitting at 12-1 and 11-1 respectively with UGA having a road win against the SEC Champs.

    Does Auburn get in because they are SEC Champs? Why not UGA who has a better record than Auburn and beat them in Auburn and lost to them on a neutral field? Thankfully, Bama doesn’t have much of an argument in this scenario because they lost head to head against Auburn and didn’t even win the division.


    • MDDawg

      Hadn’t thought of that scenario, but I’d expect the two-loss SEC Champ to get the playoff spot in that case. Whatever happens with the playoff selection, I hope they apply the same logic consistently in the future.


  17. Go Dawgs!

    “Clemsoning” is no longer a thing. Maybe all of these Georgia things aren’t either. I certainly hope so.


  18. Bill Glennon

    The most Georgia thing ever would be that if while this was being hashed out, McGarrity did a backchannel communique with the Outback bowl and committed to playing. Then, after UGA was selected for the playoff, McGarrity declined the playoff invite because he wanted to honor his commitment to the bowl and validate “The Georgia Way.”

    This same thing happened in 1968, and cost us a shot at the National Title.


  19. Captain Obvious

    Yup, Herbie swears the CFP should be the four most “deserving” teams, not the four “BEST” teams…


  20. UGA, UDub, Wazzu, and Bama all go into their final games 12-0. Someone has to lose and get left out, so Penn State, Wisconsin, or Ohio St. gets in. I would love to see UGA and UDub play in the CFP.


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