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No, this would be the most Georgia thing ever.

I’ve seen that observation made in the comments a couple of times this week over a couple of hypothetical fact patterns about the way the regular season plays out, but in my opinion, this one takes first place:

Love the hypothetical where Alabama is 12-0, Georgia is 12-1 (lone loss to Bama in the SEC title game) and Notre Dame is 11-1 (lone loss to Georgia).

The unwritten part there being, of course, that the selection committee opts for Notre Dame over the Dawgs.

Heads would explode.  Herbie would spend hours explaining why it was the right call.  Sankey would complain, to no avail.  Even Greg McGarity would slowly work himself up to a point of expressing disapproval — and then would turn eagerly to the task of selling tickets to Georgia’s bowl game against a Group of Five school that nobody in the fan base would care about seeing.

Tell me that’s not the most Georgia thing ever.


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