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You know who’s gonna have a great season?

No, Jimmy Sexton isn’t James Franklin’s agent.  But with the current crop of geniuses running athletic departments, ask yourself how much that matters.

By the way, it turns out Bert’s buyout figure is less than half what people thought it was, should he be canned at season’s end.  It’s kind of pathetic that a $5.9 million payout is a cause for celebration, but, hey, that’s the world the SEC lives in these days.


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GTP tailgate shindig is a thing.

Okay, it’s on.

We’ll be gathered in our usual pre-game spot, the Railroad Lot that runs down Thomas Street towards Sanford Stadium.  (It’s lot number 5 on this map.)  We will set up shop in the portion of the lot between Williams Street and the stadium.  I’ll try to have some helpful signage up on the tent.  I’ll also tweet a shot of our location once our digs are set up.

Everyone of you is cordially invited.  It’s BYOB affair, although you can probably bum a beer in an emergency (admittedly, not having a beer can be an emergency).  All I can promise for sure is music and conversation.

I expect we’ll be there most of the day.  Don’t miss us.


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