You know you’re having a rough season when…

… your team is off to such a slow start, you can’t even keep track of how many games you’ve lost.

As far as Missouri linebacker Terez Hall is concerned, the Tigers are much better than they have played this year…

“You’ve seen that we’re 1-5,” Hall said, accidentally mistaking the Tigers’ record. “That’s our identity. Until we change that, that’s what we’re going to be. So we got to play hard.

“We got to go out and get a win. Because we’re playing Georgia this weekend, that don’t mean nothing. It’s the same goal, go 1-0. We’re trying to win this weekend like how we were trying to win last week.”

Of course, the snark inside me feels like Hall may just be anticipating this weekend’s result.


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9 responses to “You know you’re having a rough season when…

  1. 81Dog

    Forget it, he’s on a roll.


  2. Spike

    Better them than us.


  3. Macallanlover

    Pretty easy for our guys to keep track of our record cause of all that rat poison the media is feeding us. Message to Mizzou players: Eat mo’ Rat Poison! It is working for both of the SEC’s undefeated teams.


  4. Chopdawg

    Actually, he’s correct, 1-5 will be their record by tomorrow night.


  5. 69Dawg

    Please in the name of Larry Munson don’t have a let down guys.


  6. The Truth

    Terez-tradamus has seen the future.


  7. WF Dawg

    You know it’s a bad season when you lose to Bye Week.


  8. AusDawg85

    He took math at UNC before transferring to Mizzou.