I’m about to post something weird.

Don’t look now, Georgia, but after yesterday, more and more it’s looking like… Kentucky.

Tennessee, one of the Dawgs’ traditional rivals, was already in a deep hole to take the East.  South Carolina merely shoveled the dirt into the burial plot.  Florida, with its second conference loss in a row, now needs help to win the division even if the Gators prevail at the Cocktail Party in a couple of weeks.  (For the record, I take nothing for granted in the city of Jacksonville.)

That leaves only one team in the East with only one loss.  The Wildcats.

It’s not just the record that has me pointing out UK.  Take a look at the remaining schedule.  Outside of Georgia, there’s not a conference school left that Kentucky won’t have a decent shot of beating, and in Georgia’s case, the ‘Cats will get them at a favorable moment, after the Dawgs have run the Florida-Auburn gauntlet.  (There’s a game with South Carolina tucked in the middle of that, too.)

I admit that, on paper at least, Kentucky hasn’t exactly been that formidable a team.  Sagarin has UK around sixty in his ratings.  On the other hand, you can make an argument that Kentucky is a whisker away from being 6-0 right now, but for a couple of unforced errors against Florida.

In any event, winning the division is measured by an objective standard, not a subjective one.  The team with the most conference wins goes to Atlanta.  Right now, the UGA-UK game is starting to shape up as one where Kentucky would have a puncher’s chance to sneak into that conference title game.

I may not have gone into the season thinking Georgia was a lock to win the East, but it certainly wasn’t a stretch to think the Dawgs would be a divisional favorite.  Picking the Kentucky game as the one for all the divisional marbles, though?  I doubt anybody saw that coming.



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  1. kckd

    When you start looking at those CFB stats, here’s a head scratcher for you. UGA is currently no. 1 in the conference in total defense and no. 14 in sacks. I’m gonna guess that doesn’t happen very often 7 games into the season.

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    I think they lose 2 more before we play’em


  3. David K

    Winning at Auburn is far from a given so the Florida game is still a must win.


  4. Nashville West

    It’s funny, I was saying the same thing to a friend out here on the left coast after he congratulated me on our win. Oh well, this week it is time to get healthy and get ready for the gators.


  5. merk

    I think Miss St will get them this weekend. They are not as bad as the back to back blow outs to Auburn and us made them look. Also Ole Miss can score enough points to take them down too.


  6. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    What the Senator said, plus the likelihood that Kentucky can be a trap game even in normal years. The logic makes sense, but I am beginning to distrust logic or at least question some of the premises.


  7. Macallanlover

    I don’t think we lose to the Gators, we have too much of an edge on offense, and special teams. I also think we have a better defense but that is clearly their team strength. Assuming no increase in injuries, I also don’t worry much about KY or SC in Athens. Auburn on the road should be our strongest test until Atlanta.


    • Uglydawg

      “until Atlanta”..as in GT or SECCG? Tech will be a challenge but with T.T. back on the D line and our speed at linebacker I like our chances.
      (I know..you were prob referring to conference games and mean that. Still Tech must be slayed to get to NC playoffs- outside of beating ‘Bama)>


      • Macallanlover

        lol, the SECCG of course. Tech isn’t in the conference, they aren’t running on this defense, and they didn’t even beat TN. Not on my radar.


  8. Jack Burton

    Looking like we will face them on CBS as well.

    Hoping it’s the blackout game this year.


  9. Uglydawg

    If they keep losing, those uniforms will become a symbol of a miserable time in a dry swamp. Gator fans will grow to loath them. Might already be that-a-way.


  10. Bulldog Joe

    It’s about beating Florida.

    It’s always about beating Florida.


  11. Mayor

    I’m with you Senator. There is a good chance U.K. Will show up in Athens sporting a 9-1 record with the only loss being to FU by 1 point.