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Peace in our time

As the final chapter to the tale of one of the most arrogantly stupid decisions in SEC history, Ole Miss swallows its institutional pride and apologizes to Houston Nutt.

You don’t have to be a moron to run an SEC athletic department.  It just seems that way.


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Kirby gets a meme.

Yep, he went there.

“Our past success or wins will not determine what happens in the future,” Smart said. “The only thing that will determine the future is how we work and how we prepare. As long as these kids buy into that and they don’t get tired of that message, and they don’t start believing all of (the media’s) messages, then I think they’ll be OK. But it’s really important they understand they are going to get everybody’s best shot.”  [Emphasis added.]

Because they will, you know.


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Other than that, how was the play?

Booch is the Tony Barnhart of the college coaching profession.


UPDATE:  Gaze in awe at the Vols’ red zone touchdown percentage in conference play.


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Bill C. is freaking me out, PAWWWLLL.

Georgia’s advanced stat profile has flipped on the Auburn game and Bill now assesses Georgia’s chances of winning at least eleven games at 68%.

Did I already say oy today?


UPDATE:  One serious thing to mention about Bill’s analysis — if you want to track the ebb and flow of Georgia’s games this season, all you need to look at is its S&P+ by quarter.

Offense Defense
Avg. Rk Avg. Rk
Q1 S&P+ 135.7 17 200.3 1
Q2 S&P+ 113.6 50 126.9 23
Q3 S&P+ 124.1 27 200.5 2
Q4 S&P+ 87.7 104 129.1 13



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Vegas is freaking me out, PAWWWLLL.

Check out the early point spread for the Cocktail Party.



UPDATE:  Moar Vegas craziness.


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Today, in things that would make this message board explode

And it has nothing to do with politics.


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Taking stock during the bye week, a tale in two parts

I’ve already posted today about what Georgia (hopefully) will be doing in the two weeks leading up to the Cocktail Party.

Meanwhile, at Florida


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