‘It’s not an off week. It’s not a bye week. It’s a work week.’

I continue to love the mindset of this year’s team, and, yes, it all starts with Kirby Smart.

I’ll have the bye week to do a mid-season assessment of the 2017 edition of Georgia football here at the blog, but in the meantime, I’ll just say that the overall timing of the break couldn’t be better.  Not just in terms of preparing for Florida — which, by the way, will be the next big subjective test for culture change in Athens — but also in terms of getting a few key players healthy and, maybe most importantly, having the opportunity to do a serious self-scouting job on the good and bad that’s gotten the Dawgs to 7-0.

I am mindful of the dreadful disappointment of the 2014 Cocktail Party game, but even with that, I am more optimistic about Georgia’s chances this year than I’ve been in a while.

One more thing.  If nothing else, this team should make it a mission not to let Nick and Sony leave without ever knowing the pleasure of beating the Gators.  They don’t deserve that ignominy.



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24 responses to “‘It’s not an off week. It’s not a bye week. It’s a work week.’

  1. SemperFiDawg

    I have always felt that there will be no better litmus test for a culture change than the Florida. Change that annual loss and I’m in.


  2. rchris

    “the next big subjective test” … If we lose to the Gaturrrs THIS year … Oh Lord have mercy.


  3. Could not agree more. Don’t look past anyone. And ask me how good we are on January 15. Not now.

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  4. We have rained down fire and brimstone on the Bizarro Dogs, the Champions of Life, the SEC nerds, and the SEC wannabes. It’s time to go to Jacksonville and unleash a fury on the Lizards Who Dress Funny to make them remember what it was like to be on the pwned end of the Cocktail Party.


  5. Russ

    We will crush the Gators.


  6. Jared S.

    Love the point about Nick and Sony. I hope Kirbs gives them a chance to address the team before the game.


  7. dawgman3000

    Let’s beat the pants off of bye week and then skin those jort wearing reptiles!


  8. Bill Glennon

    Our former coach used to give the team a few days off during the bye weeks. Since the bye weeks have tended to come before the Cocktail Party, it is clear that this strategy has not been successful. I’m glad we’re changing strategy.


  9. MDDawg

    Kirby even gave us the “we’re gonna get everybody’s best shot” comment for good measure.


  10. Biggus Rickus

    I guess some people are going to worry and look for reasons to expect failure for one reason or another, but I said I’d buy into the new culture if they followed the Mississippi State game with a solid performance against Tennessee. I’ve seen nothing to suggest that this team is going to play poorly against an inferior opponent, and nobody on the schedule matches up particularly well against Georgia the rest of the season.


    • paul

      I said the same and I’m in. But I’m finding it hard not to worry about Auburn and what might come after the regular season. The defense giving up big passes against Missouri is cause for genuine concern. They hit two and simply overthrew at least one or two more.


      • Russ

        Auburn and Tech are the only two that worry me. Auburn has the talent and if they play up, they can beat us for sure. Tech, with their offense, will always worry me, but if we get the middle of our line back, I think we stop them.

        All of this presumes we continue to play “full games”. Kirby has shown me this year that he has the team focused each week, and the players seem to have bought in.


      • Biggus Rickus

        They overthrew one on their opening possession and hit two, three if you count the one to the tight end later. I may be proven wrong, but I think the secondary got a wake-up call and won’t make the same mistakes against someone else.


  11. Debby Balcer

    It is good timing hopefully everyone gets healthy and stays healthy. We don’t need to lose our center there again.


  12. The Georgia Way

    Remember, these are work weeks for The Georgia Way as well.

    Traditionally, there has been no better time to assert our moral authority and put athletics back in its place than these two weeks.

    Rest assured, this is the annual moral Super Bowl for The Georgia Way and we will be out in force.

    Nothing will be considered too Petty for us to get the job done. And we won’t back down.



  13. TMC DAWG

    I look for Everbank Field to be at least 65percent red this year


    • rchris

      I’m a little worried, TMC. When I go to Stubhub, there are a lot more tix available and at cheaper prices on the Georgia side.