Bye week happy talk

Those stars just won’t quit aligning, peeps.

After an injury scare to Georgia’s leading receiver, and two games without its best defensive lineman, it appears Terry Godwin and Trenton Thompson are on track to play against Florida.

Both players were in uniform at Tuesday’s practice, the team’s first of the bye week.

I keep waiting for a shoe to drop.  This is Florida we’re talking about, after all.


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24 responses to “Bye week happy talk

  1. Spike

    Tomorrows news today! UF reinstates suspended players on Monday!


  2. Go Dawgs!

    Don’t worry, Senator, they’re still selling marijuana in Clarke County.

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  3. Just wait until Callaway is re-instated and McElwain changes his offense to an Air Raid during the bye.

    /still shuddering from 2005 when Corch changed the offense in the bye week


  4. Debby Balcer

    Great news. Any update on our injured Offensive linemen? We need to keep our center healthy.


  5. 92 grad

    Oh boy, too much good news is stressful. Anything from weather to drug tests to the plane landing in the wrong place.


  6. SlobberKnocker

    The article also says Reggie Carter is back. That should prove to be big for us too.


  7. Chico Dawg

    Like many of you, I take nothing for granted when it comes to our annual away game in Jacksonville.


  8. Jack Klompus

    Did Mudcat move?


  9. Aladawg

    I expect 10 players to come off suspension for next week’s game.


  10. waterloodawg

    So I hear our football players are all going to a big frat party Sat night since there’s no game.


  11. Busta

    Say if those 10 players were to come off of suspension, they won’t be in any game shape and definitely won’t have any chemistry with the team…that’d probably be even better if they did play


  12. anon

    Underestimate jimmy williamson at your own peril

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  13. Bulldog Joe

    …and Bellamy is no longer wearing the club on his hand.

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