Life after regression to the mean

These are the D-1 teams that are currently undefeated:

  • Alabama
  • Central Florida
  • Georgia
  • Miami
  • Penn State
  • South Florida
  • TCU
  • Wisconsin

Of those eight teams, the only one with a lower turnover margin than Georgia’s +1 is Wisconsin, which is even.  Of the remaining six teams, four are in the top five in that category.

That Georgia has been able to roll thus far without being dominant in turnovers surprises me.  It’s an indication of how solid this team has been everywhere else.


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8 responses to “Life after regression to the mean

  1. HahiraDawg

    If you would have told me that we would be playing a true freshman at QB for nearly every snap this year I would have been very pleased with +1. I think we will get ours and am encouraged that more like what happened with the Mizzou LB hasn’t happened. For that matter, I would have expected more TO’s from Fromm like the near scoop & score of Vandy’s on Eason but he has read the D better than that.


  2. The Truth

    We got them in the game we needed them most — ND.


  3. ChiliDawg

    Tomorrow’s Barnhart column – “if Georgia starts to get a few more turnovers on defense, the Dawgs could be pretty good.”


  4. FWIW – Bill C.’s stat summary shows Georgia as having bad turnover luck this year. Admittedly – it’s only costing like 1 point per game, but they’ve been on the wrong side of the luck ledger. I was worried we’d be heading into the Florida game on the plus side of the luck ledger and have everything come crashing down with a painful regression to the mean as we are wont to do in Jacksonville.


  5. hooper

    If you want a good laugh ask a NATS fan why Central Fla. is undefeated. And they will then tell you how much better the Vols were when they played them than they are now. This season is so much fun up to this point.


  6. It also means the offense has turned it over too much. Hell, we’ve fumbled 4 or 5 times in 2 games and lost none. The offense has to protect the ball better and clean up the penalties if we’re gonna do more than just make the SECC game.

    Edit: 6 fumbles over the last 3 games! 1 lost. Then the interceptions.


  7. I’m not really worried about getting more defensive turnover but I AM worried about protecting the ball better on offense.


  8. steve

    When asked about turn overs at his last press conference Butch Jones said: ‘I’m glad you reminded me. All of the media needs to turn over their press credentials if they write anything negative about me. I have a comprehensive list of my singular achievements circulating in the room right now and I also have 58 unpaid interns who would be glad to write your stories. If you reveal any of this conversation you will be banned from UT property and kicked ‘off the team as a bad teammate.’ You may have to transfer….to another outlet’. ‘Again…I mean it.’