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He should know.

Aaron Murray thinks a lot of Mark Richt, his head coach.  Here’s his comparison of the program under Richt and under Kirby Smart:

“I think the main difference right now is the mentality that Kirby has brought,” Murray said. “It’s the mentality that Alabama has where they walk into every game and they know they are going to win.

“That’s already a `W’ in the win column in the mental state of the game, where they’re not walking in scared. They’re walking in going: ‘We know we’re better, we know we’re better-coached, we have better talent and there is no way you are going to beat us.’”

When he was at Georgia, Murray said the mentality was most any SEC game would be a tight battle.

“You kind of psych yourself out that it’s going to be close, that it is going to come down to the wire,” Murray said.

That Florida game is going to be an interesting test case, no?


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A day without stat porn is like…

Group portrait —

Personal shot —

As I posted at the beginning of the week, now when these guys miss a tackle, it startles you.


UPDATE:  There’s a chaser, too.


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There will always be a place in the SEC for hate… um, intense dislike.

I confess, the first thing that came to mind when I saw this header was this.


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When you’ve lost the bakery department…




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“It’s a bad deal, man.”

Florida’s lost a starting defensive lineman for the rest of the season.

Missouri was successful probing Georgia’s defense with the long pass, which seems like something the Gators might want to emulate.  One problem with that, though.

I’ll say it again — the way the bye week is starting to play out makes me a little nervous.


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“Your food’s coming, baby.”

If you don’t read anything else today, read this ESPN story on Waffle House.  Here’s a little taste (see what I did there?):

“Team sports kind of prepare you for the Waffle House,” said Greg Bright, Waffle House’s Director of People Operations and a former Georgia linebacker who is still second on the Bulldogs’ career tackles list. “It’s kind of scary a little bit, the parallels. On a daily basis, you’re coaching people and developing people.”

As part of his job, Bright helps recruit and retain employees, people such as Flowers and Smith. He isn’t surprised so many families have multiple members working at his restaurants.

“Is it any different from Kirby Smart?” Bright said, using the Georgia coach to explain growing into your parents’ profession. “I grew up playing rec sports against Kirby. His dad was the coach at Bainbridge High School, and Kirby was always around it. Kirby grew up with football all his life, so that’s what he gravitates toward.”


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“It sucks watching this team a lot of the time.”

You know what David Wunderlich’s lengthy analysis of this year’s Florida team reminded me of?

The offense is boring and predictable. The defense isn’t as good as it’s been most of the last 30 years. The return game is not producing big plays and the coverage units are bad.

Mark Richt’s last season at Georgia.  Read the whole thing and tell me I’m wrong.


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