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If a tree falls in Montana…

Stewart Mandel labels Alabama and Georgia the two best teams in the country at present.


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“Having played both teams, Alabama’s the better team.”

The only profound thing about Derek Mason’s observation comparing Alabama and Georgia is that he said it plainly, instead of garbling it with a bunch of mushy coachspeak.

You know, like Booch’ll do after this weekend.


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It really is the gift that keeps on giving.

Paul Myerberg:  “To date, the greatest asset on Notre Dame’s résumé is a loss: Georgia’s 20-19 win in South Bend on Sept. 10. More than an impressive win two weeks later against Michigan State, the defeat lent the Irish credibility. The unbeaten Bulldogs have likewise ridden that victory into the thick of the early College Football Playoff race.”

If the Irish manage to beat Southern Cal this weekend, they’ll probably jump into the top ten as a result.  That, in turn, would make Georgia look better without even having to play a game.

And to think I used to complain about Notre Dame being overrated by the media.  College football, I don’t know you any more.


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