Mid-2017 SEC: surprises, disappointments and the usual dominance

The AP polled its SEC writers to assess the season so far.  Georgia’s name comes up quite a bit and it’s all favorable.

Most Surprising Team: Georgia.

Even though the Bulldogs were the preseason favorite to win the East, few expected them to have four lopsided victories through four SEC games. Beating Mississippi State 31-3 raised eyebrows. Thumping Tennessee 41-0 on the road made it clear Georgia was no fluke. The last two wins — 41-14 at Vanderbilt and 53-28 against Missouri — simply reinforced outside beliefs that the Bulldogs can play with anyone — maybe even Alabama.

“When you see the scores and the point differential and what looks like really lights-out defensive play, that’s what champions are built of,” former Georgia coach and current Miami coach Mark Richt said.

On the flip side,

Most Disappointing Team: Tennessee.

No surprise here. The Volunteers have been the talk of college football much of the year, from the garbage can on the sideline to the team’s play on the field and to coach Butch Jones’ future. It could get worse, too. Tennessee travels to Alabama on Saturday.

Also receiving votes: Florida.

And that’s your first-half SEC East in a nutshell.



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16 responses to “Mid-2017 SEC: surprises, disappointments and the usual dominance

  1. sniffer

    We are soon the be the benchmark program in the East. Coaches will be hired and fired due to their records against Georgia. Rosters will be compared and found wanting. One day, the Bulldogs will be the pre-imminent program in the conference.

    We and our grandchildren will know glory. Kirby Smart will retire with multiple Championships and there will be a statue outside Sanford Smart Stadium.


  2. Got Cowdog

    Something stood out to me on the blog yesterday. In the comments on the post containing AM’s comments on CMR, DIF posted a clip of Kirby in his playing days putting the stones to an opposing receiver. Another comment pointed out that a team’s attitude reflects that of it’s coach. Net-net; I think we are seeing a sea change in the program from South Beach to South Georgia, and as much as I am thankful for Coach Richt and what he accomplished, I am glad to see that junkyard attitude on the field. GATA Kirby. You got 10 days to figure out how to inflict the most pain and suffering on the Gatornation, its time for some payback.


    • Scorpio Jones, III

      Can we get Cowdog a Waffle House gift certificate?


    • Macallanlover

      Great post, feel the same way. Been a fun season this far, and will get even better next Saturday when I am totally relaxed leading up to the game, and throughout it.

      Early call but Rat Poison is every bit as good as the Kool Aide we have been enjoying since August!


  3. mwo

    Personally, I am not disappointed in the records of the Vowels and the Booger Eaters.


  4. Here’s to hoping for a 7 turnover performance from Bama and Tennessee winning 6-5. Tell me that wouldn’t be the best thing that’s ever happened on CBS. More likely, however, is Bama winning 55-6.


    • Brandon M

      I don’t know that I’ve ever been more confident in a team covering a -34 spread


    • dawgman3000

      Where are the 6 points going to come from against that Bama D? With the way things are going for Butch, it wouldn’t surprise me if his teams FG attempts bounce off the uprights and lands in his trashcan.

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      • Russ

        Where will the six points come from? Like the old joke says, someone sets off a fire cracker and Bama thinks that’s the end of the half and leaves the field. Three plays later, Tennessee scores, but of course misses the extra point.


  5. TnDawg

    If we lose in the SECCG, this entire season is a disappointment.