“Is Todd Grantham having an effect on Mississippi State’s defense?”

Not as much as you’d like us to think, brother.

Todd’s agent appears to be doing his usual bang-up job, though.


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4 responses to ““Is Todd Grantham having an effect on Mississippi State’s defense?”

  1. Jimmy

    Grantham is a one trick pony. Pressure the QB with D-line stunts and blitzes. Making the QB work fast shortens the field to defend, while pressuring decision and execution errors. It’s really a smart tactic. if the O doesn’t have time to run deep routes or multi-move patterns, he only has to defend 15-20 yards from scrimage. He gets more defenders, closer to the ball handlers. His weakness is he doesn’t coach tackling fundamentals or coverage skills well. So, his D’s get burned in the passing game when they don’t get pressure. Also, running backs with an ability to run through arm tackles have big yardage games.


  2. Cojones

    Wait a minute! Where the fuck did the differing numbers come from; certainly they weren’t gleaned from any cfb stat? We rank #12 with a 3-something ypp avg and MSU ranks #115 with over 7 ypp avg? Where in hell did they get 8th?