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Vegas rat poison



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Flickin’ the flea

A tale of two trick plays…

Tennessee called a flea flicker against ‘Bama.  One problem.

Meanwhile, Purdue ran a fake flea flicker, which is a fake… oh, never mind.  It kicked major ass.

Is this a metaphor for UT firing Booch and hiring Brohm?  Should it be?



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Of all the teams in Florida, UF is certainly one of them.

As sarcasm goes, this is pretty choice.


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How the East might be won.

If you’d have told me before the start of the season that seven weeks in the SEC team with the biggest margin of error on the road to Atlanta would be Georgia, I’d have chuckled and given you a “yeah, right” in return.

But that’s exactly where things are today.

Screenshot-2017-10-22 NCAA FBS (Division I-A) Football Standings

Sure, some of that is due to the East being worse than I anticipated — it’s a neat trick to have three teams in the division 0-4 in conference play and only have one team with less than two losses.  But I have to give Georgia a lot of credit for coming on faster this season than I expected, especially after Eason went down early in the season opener.

This isn’t a prediction, but it’s certainly within the realm of possibility that Georgia could travel to Auburn having already clinched the East.  How strange would that be?


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That guy thinks his team is number one, Howard.

Okay, probably not.

At least he gave Booch an excuse to talk about something other than how overmatched his team looked.


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He’s under a lot of stress.

Angst.  It’s what’s for postgame in Tallahassee.

$40 million buyouts make you brave.


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When you know it’s in the bag

Let’s just say Nick Saban didn’t appear especially overwrought about the outcome of yesterday’s game.

When Saban can’t even make the effort to show faux in game concern about a conference rivalry, you know the Champions of Life have a problem.


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