How the East might be won.

If you’d have told me before the start of the season that seven weeks in the SEC team with the biggest margin of error on the road to Atlanta would be Georgia, I’d have chuckled and given you a “yeah, right” in return.

But that’s exactly where things are today.

Screenshot-2017-10-22 NCAA FBS (Division I-A) Football Standings

Sure, some of that is due to the East being worse than I anticipated — it’s a neat trick to have three teams in the division 0-4 in conference play and only have one team with less than two losses.  But I have to give Georgia a lot of credit for coming on faster this season than I expected, especially after Eason went down early in the season opener.

This isn’t a prediction, but it’s certainly within the realm of possibility that Georgia could travel to Auburn having already clinched the East.  How strange would that be?



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  1. Bulldog Joe

    East is 2-8 vs. the West with 5 games to go.


  2. Got some big challenges ahead this season, not the least of which is keeping guys focused if we do clinch the east so early and easily. I’ve been thinking we can lock up the east at home against USC. Beating FU will mostly do it and probably make us already feel like East Champs.

    Coach Smart and his staff setup have to really keep guys grounded after that. This ain’t the week we have a let down, though. So much to play for. USC at home, after beating FU, could be a different story, though.


  3. sniffer

    Shirley, someone on this blog said preseason that we would be 7-0 and running away with the division. I haven’t heard anyone take credit for that yet.


    • There was one wise commenter that wrote this on Nov 28 after Tech loss. 😏

      Still optimist.

      Get a Top 5 class (at least) and build from here. We will be a better team next year even if all 4 juniors try out for the NFL. If 2-3 stay of them stay, that will be huge. We have some talented younger players and the entire roster will be used to the different way of doing things versus the previous staff.

      I think Kirby is bright enough and his nature is to work his ass off . That will get us back to at least a 2002-2004 level of play, in my opinion.


    • That dog'd bite you

      Don’t call me Shirley 😉


    • Russ

      3rdandGrantham has been saying we’d be undefeated or one loss since last spring at least.


  4. I think our letdown happened a week ago. We didn’t play to our standard on defense. We gave up a cheap score as a result of a turnover. All of that … and still won by 25.

    We need to focus on destroying anything and everything in orange and blue. My head right now is thinking 31-10 in a game not as close as the final score. My heart wants something to the tune of 49-3. I’ll take 2-0 right now and get ready for USCe.



    • gastr1

      I hope so. I take heart in the fact that the other teams in the East are so poor that we’d really have to have an epic fail to lose to them. But stranger things have happened, and we are Georgia, after all.

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    • Greg

      Probably not the best game for our ‘D….but when you consider us having 5-6 players out on defense, I was happy. Didn’t think they played flat, they played hard imo….had some miscommunication in the defensive backfield, they will get that straight. Thinks the Missouri offense is gonna put points up even on Bama. Got some players returning, dawgs will play better this week.


    • Huntindawg

      Don’t bring that weak ass 49-3 crap. My heart wants 72-0. My heart wants to rip their heart out and stomp on it with a hob nail boot. My heart wants to see not one orange shirt in the stadium by the end of the first quarter. My heart wants every one of their turd filled players to go home crying and hating the day they ever decided to play for florida. I’m really not stating this strongly enough. I do not care for florida.

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    • Russ

      I agree. We had our letdown game. We will stomp the Gators by at least three touchdowns.


  5. No Axe To Grind

    I will not bet a dime on the FL game at this point in time. I have seen too many face plants against FL to be optimistic. I can only hope like hell.


    • ChiliDawg

      Some of y’all need to learn how to enjoy life. I don’t understand why the hell you even watch football if you’re going to continue to play your faux Munson acts at 7-0. Larry wasn’t the pessimist you people are.


      • Greg

        Why does it matter that what fans think??


      • No Axe To Grind

        We will see what we all think after the game is over. Including you.


        • PTC DAWG

          I’m enjoying the hell out of this season…


          • dawgtired

            This is where I am. I’m riding high with the winning attitude all the way. IF we lose a game I will remain positive with this team and staff of coaches. I’ve seen enough to believe this IS the future of GA football. We are stacking top 5-ish recruiting classes and we are, now, playing to our strengths…no reason to look back…I’m a believer.


  6. Scorpio Jones, III



  7. Scorpio Jones, III

    Georgia was undefeated, meantime Tech was playing the number one team in the nation…Notre Dame. Flurda was 6-1. Charlie Pell, Mike Shanahan, Chris Collinsworth. Buck was like 6-15 and two picks.

    Point is, it took a miracle of biblical proportions, bigger than that Red Sea thing for Georgia to win the game.

    Vince almost outran Lindsey, the crowd went apeshit.

    This was, arguably, the best Georgia team in modern history, with the best running back in the history of college football, and it took a miracle.

    Oh, and did I mention fucking Tech tied Notre Dame 3-3, knocking the Irish out of first.

    Two miracles.

    Its Florida people, batten down your hats and hunker down.



    To hell with The Gators.


  9. Reinmart

    A look at the bottom of SEC Total Offense rankings is even more reason for optimism that GA will win the East.

    10 Florida 351.2
    11 South Carolina 337.3
    12 Kentucky 336.7
    13 Vanderbilt 297.0
    14 Tennessee 289.7